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Zareklamy app review Kenya 2023


Zareklamy app is an online earning platform that enables users to earn from conducting simple tasks online.

There are various tasks that one can perform on the app like following a social media account, liking and commenting on a social media post, or downloading an app and giving a rating in the Google play store.

There are other complex tasks like giving positive reviews on products sold online.

I came across Zareklamy for the first time in 2018 when I was desperately looking for a way to earn online and decided to give it a try. After working on it for one month unsuccessfully, I decided to quit and try elsewhere.

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How to download Zareklamy app

When I first came across Zareklamy, it had not changed its name to Paid work which is its name currently. The app also had a rating of 4.6 stars, a rating that has since dropped to 2.8 stars.

To download the app, go to your Google play store and search the Zareklamy app, it will appear as the first search result. You can also search it by its current name Paid work and you will be able to install it.

How to earn on Zareklamy

Users earn from the Zareklamy app by completing simple tasks online after which they are rewarded for it. The app automatically records the task and credits the user’s money account on Zareklamy.

Paid tasks users conduct on Zareklamy

  • Liking social media posts- One of the tasks people carry out on Zareklamy to earn is liking social media posts. This is the simplest task one can conduct on this platform and it pays the least. All you need to do is to connect your Zareklamy app to your Facebook account and watch the videos that Zareklamy will direct you to, watch the video for at least 30 seconds and like it after which your account will be credited with around 0.025 dollars.
  • Following social media pages- You can also be tasked to follow a social media page. This will also require you to connect your Zareklamy app to your social media account which will enable you to follow the site and have your account credited around 0.025 dollars.
  • Reviewing apps- You can also be tasked with reviewing apps positively on the Google play store. Remember that the review should be positive and the comment should also be positive for you to receive the money. The review should also be accompanied by a positive comment. To review an app, you must download the app and give it positive reviews on the play store after which you can just delete it. The first app I was asked to review was the Zareklamy app when I was still trying to earn on Zareklamy. This is why the rating was still high and most of the reviews were positive at that time. Reviewing apps pays slightly higher than liking and following social media accounts. I used to receive around 0.050 dollars anytime I successfully reviewed an app.
  • Reviewing products sold online- You can also be tasked with reviewing products sold online. Just like in the apps section, you will have to give a positive review and rating on the product you are directed to by Zareklamy for your account to be credited. This task is slightly complex as compared to the other tasks in this platform and pays the highest. It can take up to 24 hours to successfully review a product and you can receive around 0.075 dollars after completing the task.

Why it is difficult to make money on Zareklamy

This is not meant to discourage you in any way from trying your luck on the Zareklamy app but this is just to let you know the first-hand experience I had when working on the Zareklamy app. Remember that the experience can be different today because it has taken around two years and maybe some improvements have been done to the app.

  • They pay poorly- The tasks in the Zareklamy app are very simple and the users can actually expect little payment, the payment is however too small that you need to complete thousands of tasks before reaching the payment threshold. You will require a thousand 0.025 dollar tasks to reach just 2.5 dollars, calculate how many such tasks you will require to reach 100 dollars which is the threshold.
  • The payment threshold is very high- You will need to hit a payment threshold of 100 dollars before your payment is disbursed to your PayPal account. Reaching that threshold can prove to be a mission impossible.
  • Limited tasks- To reach 100 dollars on the Zareklamy app, you need to complete thousands of tasks but in the app, there are less than 100 tasks. This makes it difficult to earn from this platform. You can however download the app and try it out on your own to get first-hand experience.

Zareklamy’s payment method

After working extra hard to reach their payment threshold, you can withdraw the amount your Zareklamy account to your PayPal account just by requesting through your app. Before joining Zareklamy, make sure you have a functional PayPal account where you will receive the payment if you are lucky to come out with one.


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  1. I also tried my luck on this app and my experience was not pleasant.

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