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How to earn money on Yandex Toloka in Kenya 2023


Yandex Toloka is a company dealing with online searches and other online activities.
 During their online activities, they rely mostly on artificial intelligence to run their search engine, however, there are some activities that can’t be carried out by computer and this is where they seek assistance from human beings and reward them through their paid tasks website and app.

How to join Yandex Toloka paid tasks services


Yandex Toloka review Kenya 2022

Yandex Toloka is available on the Google play store as an app. The app Toloka: Earn Online created by Intertech Services AG is their official app and it is rated at 4.5 stars.

Apart from the play store app, it also has a website where one can log in and still access the numerous tasks Toloka has for its members. The website is best for those who use PC while the app is best for those who use their phones to conduct paid tasks.

How to earn on Yandex Toloka

Toloka enables its members to earn from paid tasks. Members complete simple tasks online after which they are rewarded with money which they can withdraw after reaching a 10 dollars threshold.

Apps conducted on Toloka depend on how successfully the user has completed his previous tasks and how many tasks he has carried out before.

When I joined Toloka, I started as a beginner and was given simple tasks like identifying images on a photo, identifying simple typing errors in a text, identifying colors in a picture, and identifying objects in a short video.

They used to award me around 0.1-0.25 dollars per complete task as a beginner.

After completing many tasks successfully as a beginner, I was promoted to the middle level where I used to carry out more complex tasks and earn a slightly higher amount than a beginner.

At this level, you are trusted with more sophisticated tasks like using your mobile phone to take pictures of your environment, recording a voice note using your phone, recording a selfie video of yourself, and recording a video of your television. These tasks are meant to test the quality of your electronic gadgets to help in market research. At this level, you are paid around 0.5-0.75 dollars per complete task. Like if you are asked to take ten selfie videos for 10 seconds each, you will be awarded around 0.35 dollars for each video.


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After successfully completing tasks in the middle level, your ratings will be increased and you will now be able to carry out tasks available for pro members.

These are the most complex and the highest paying tasks in the platform, they include outdoor activities and one is awarded up to 1 dollar for completing a single task successfully. At this level, you will make enough cash to cash out regularly like once in two days, and settle most of your bills.


How to withdraw from Toloka


After reaching the required threshold, you will enter your payment details and you will receive the payment within 24 hours.


Because Yandex is not a Kenyan organization, the payment methods available on the platform are only international payment options, and these include; Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, and Papara. Make sure that you have one of these accounts before completing a task in Toloka platform. This will enable you to receive your payment smoothly.



How to earn on Toloka without doing the tasks


Are you lazy? Do you feel bored carrying out many tasks and earning peanuts? Do you lack the consistency to move on even when the finish line is too far from where you are? Don’t worry, Toloka got you covered. Do you know that you can earn money on Toloka even without carrying out a task?


For the lazy members, there is a referral program for them where they can earn from other members’ sweat, just refer a friend to Toloka and ensure that they successfully join the family, after that, you will earn from 5-20% of the amount he/she makes from carrying out their tasks.

This way, you can earn without breaking a sweat. The more people you refer, the more you earn from Toloka platform.

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    Wonderful guide. I will most certainly be checking this app out, now seeing that I wouldn’t mind earning a few cents to the dollar for only wasting a few minutes on an app. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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