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Talent desire review In Kenya 2023


Talent desire is an online platform that offers various online jobs ranging from typing, and transcription to content writing paid surveys and other online jobs.

Talent desire’s typing task is the most popular as it attracts more people because of the fact that it requires no skills and armed with your laptop and a strong internet connection, you can make cool cash typing words online.

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To join talent desire, click on this link.

list of online jobs available in Talent desire

  • Typing job
  • Language translation job
  • Medical transcription job
  • Online teaching job
  • Freelance blogging job
  • Affiliate marketing job
  • Online proofreading jobs.
  • Content writing

Typing job

Typing job is the most popular job on this platform as I had mentioned earlier, this job involves typing documents after which one is rewarded according to the number of words and pages they have managed to complete successfully.

According to talent desire, there are two levels of typing jobs that are a beginner and expert typing; a beginner earns up to US $3.00 When they type up to 300 words on a Page while experts earn up to 7 dollars when they type 300 in a page.

Content writing

Content writing involves writing content of various types, these contents include; Play, drama, poems, blog posts, etc.

Content writers earn slightly higher than those who type. In content writing, beginners earn around 10 dollars while experts earn 21-30 dollars for every 300 words of content.

Language translation job

This job involves translating a text from one language to another, for example, you can translate a text from English to French or vise versa. To carry out this activity, one needs to be conversant with the two languages involved in the task.

According to their website, talent desire offers 9.00 dollars if one translates 5 words in a minute for beginners and up to 36.00 dollars if one translates 5 words in a minute for expert translators.

Paid Surveys

Talent desire also offers paid surveys for its members paying them according to the nature of the survey and how long it takes to complete the survey.

There are different levels of Surveys and for beginners, easy surveys are the only ones available for them, they can earn up to 5 dollars Ina 15 minutes survey. Long Survey is available only for expert surveyors who earn from 60 dollars to 75 dollars.

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Online proofreading jobs

Online proofreading jobs entail reading texts and correcting typos and grammar errors in those texts. To conduct this work, you need to have a command of the English language and the ability to identify and correct grammar errors and typing errors.

Online teaching job

Do you have a skill that is in high demand? If yes, then this is the best opportunity to earn from your skills. You can enroll in talent desire where you’ll teach someone your skill online and get paid for it. Computer skills like coding and web development are the skills that are mostly on high demand.

Affiliate marketing

Talent desire also offers affiliate marketing programs where members earn from promoting various brands and products on their platforms. This is best for content creators and bloggers who command huge following on their platforms.

Freelance blogging

Freelance blogging involves writing content for other bloggers and getting paid for it. If you are good at writing blog posts and blog content then you should try this. Remember to learn more about SEO before taking up a project under freelance blogging.

Medical transcription

Medical transcription involves transcribing audio related to health. This is different from other transcription platforms where tasks vary from law transcription to lecture transcription. In this platform, the transcription topic is very specific and it is medical.

Payment method

Talent desire doesn’t have a clear payment plan and a public threshold that a member needs to attain before cashing out their earnings. It however pays through PayPal just like most freelancers.


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