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Satellite Startimes bouquets in Kenya 2022


Startimes is a product of Pang Xinxing which is a company based in Beijing China. In Kenya, Consumers can access satellite and digital terrestrial television with Startimes.

In this article, I will be taking you through the various startimes bouquets available in Kenya on the Startimes Satellite dish.

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Satellite Startimes bouquets

There are four satellite startimes bouquets which are;

  • Startimes Nova
  • Startimes Smart
  • Startimes Super
  • Startimes Chinese

Startimes Nova Bouquet

Startimes Nova is the cheapest dish startimes package. This startimes bouquet is available for KSH. 499 a month only.

With this startimes bouquet, you will enjoy up to 43 TV CHANNELS.

TV channels available in Startimes Nova

The following is a list of all the Television channels available on Staties Nova bouquet;

  • Africa Movie Channel
  • Madani Channel
  • Wasafi TV
  • JimJam
  • Kass TV
  • Kiss TV Kenya
  • Lolwe Tv
  • PPP TV
  • eTV Africa
  • Startimes Dadin Kowa
  • E-Star
  • TVC News
  • Burudani TV Kenya
  • CGTN
  • AL Jazeera
  • Dove Television
  • Da Vinci
  • Startimes Swahili
  • Startimes Sports Focus
  • TBC1
  • Star TV
  • Startimes Zone
  • KBC channel one
  • CGTN Documentary
  • Mindset Learn
  • Startimes Gospel
  • Ebru TV Africa
  • Channel Ten
  • CNC World
  • Rembo TV
  • CCTV 4
  • Startimes KungFu
  • K24 Kenya
  • KTN Kenya
  • Elimu TV
  • NTV Uganda
  • NTV Kenya
  • KTN News
  • iNooro TV
  • Sanyuka TV
  • Border TV
  • KTN Home

Startimes Smart  bouquet

Statimes smart is the next startimes bouquet available in Kenya. This package is available for KSH.999 per month and has 50 channels.

Manchester United Fans will really love this package because it has MUTV which is the official television channel for English Premier League side Manchester United.

On this channel, one can watch live Manchester United youth team playing, selected Manchester United Women matches, Manchester United Documentaries, Manchester United Senior team training and selected pre-season matches live.

TV channels available in Startimes Smart bouquet

The following is a lis of television channels available under Smart Startimes bouquet;

  • Zee One
  • Startimes Adepa
  • Be TV
  • JimJam
  • BBC World News
  • eTV Africa
  • Star Life
  • ESPN
  • Startimes Africa
  • Startimes Bollywood HD
  • DW
  • Startimes Rise
  • Canal J
  • Toonami
  • PBO
  • TNT Africa
  • ITV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nigezie
  • Zee Cinema
  • EWTN
  • Wap TV
  • Al Jazeera
  • Startimes Sports Focus
  • EATV
  • Clouds TV
  • Face TV
  • Salam TV
  • France 24 TV
  • Startimes Kasi Music
  • M6 Music
  • Startimes Sports Life
  • Startimes Sino Drama
  • Emmanuel TV
  • E!
  • TBN Yetu TV
  • Africa News
  • Startimes Yoruba
  • Fox Life
  • National Geographic Wild
  • NDTV 24X7
  • Startimes Sports Premium HD
  • Startimes World Football HD
  • Startimes Naija
  • Trace Mziki
  • RT Global
  • Zee Bolly Movies
  • Startimes Kids
  • Startimes Novela E
  • Manchester United TV

Startimes Super bouquet

Startimes Super is the second highest bouquet in Kenya. This bouquet goes for KSH. 1,499 per month and has 19 extra channels which are not contained in Startimes smart bouquet.

This startimes bouquet comes with two extra sports channels, two extra movie channels, extra kis channels and news channels which will inform, educate and entertain you.

TV channels available in Startimes Super bouquet

The following are the extra channels which are not available under lower startimes bouquets but are available under Startimes Super bouquet;

  • Bloomberg Television
  • Fox News
  • ESPN 2
  • Colors
  • Startimes Nollywood Plus
  • Star Gold
  • Startimes Movie Plus
  • Star Plus
  • TDC
  • Baby TV
  • Startimes Sports Premium
  • Ebony Life
  • National Geographic
  • Startimes Novela Plus
  • Glow TV
  • Dream Works
  • Cbeebies

Startimes Chinese bouquet

This is the highest Startimes bouquet in Kenya. This package costs KSH. 1,999 per month and has 23 extra channels that are not available on lower packages.

This startimes bouquet is the best for those who are interested in Chinese affairs because the extra channels are mostly based in China. This is also good for those who are keen on learning Chinese culture and their way of life.

This bouquet also has two extra sports channels which might be f value to sports lovers.

TV channels available in Startimes Chinese


The following are the extra channels available under Chinese startimes bouquet and not available in the lower packages;

  • CCTV 13
  • CCTV 6
  • CCTV 5+
  • CCTV 9
  • Startimes Sports Focus
  • Startimes Sports Premium
  • 福建卫视
  • 浙江卫视
  •  CCTV
  • 东方卫视
  • 江苏卫视
  • 北京卫视


  • CCTV 4
  • 凤凰CNE
  • Startimes KungFu
  • Startimes Football HD
  • 南方卫视

  • 中国影视

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