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Senti loan app 2022: APK Download, Paybill, Contacts


Senti loan app is a micro-credit mobile app that odder instant loans of up to KSH. 70,000. Senti loans are unsecured, processed instantly, and disbursed to customers’ M-Pesa accounts.

Apart from accessing instant loans from the app, you can also use this app to buy airtime and pay your bills instantly.

In this article, I will tell you about everything you need to know about Senti loan app. I will focus on the loan part of the app, but I will also talk about other features of the app.

I hope that this article will help you make an informed decision when choosing the app you want to borrow from.

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How to borrow instant loan from Senti loan app

Dear reader, follow these steps;

  • Download Senti loan app
  • Register on Senti app
  • Verify your account on the app
  • Apply for the loan

Download Senti loan app

To download Senti loan app, visit your google play store and search for the keyword Senti loan app.

The app will appear as the first search result.  Go ahead to download and install the app.

Register on Senti app

To register on Senti loan app, you need the following;

  • National ID
  • Must be 18 years old and above
  • Must have a source of income
  • Must have a smartphone

After meeting all the above requirements, you can go ahead to register a new account on Senti app. Enter your correct details and have them verified by the app.

Verify your account on the app

Your details will be automatically processed and verified by the app.

This process is automatic and can go on at night and even during weekends.

A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to your phone number to have it verified. You will be noticed in the app when the registration process is complete.

Apply for the loan

Your loan limit will be verified once the verification process is complete.

You can go ahead to borrow loan of any amount within your loan limit.

The loan will be processed immediately and the amount will be disbursed to your M-Pesa account.

Senti loan app interest rate

Senti loan app charges a minimum APR of 90.17% and a maximum APR of 192.5%.

The amount one will pay will be determined by the loan repayment period one will choose when borrowing the loan.

Senti app loan service fee

Senti charges 10% to 15% service fee. This percentage is calculated on the principal one borrows and is charged once.

Senti loan app late repayment penalty

When you fail to repay your loan in time, you will be charged a one-time penalty of 7.5%. This penalty is charged on the principal and charged only once.

Senti loan app paybill number

Senti loan app paybill number is 517910. You can also pay your loan using the M-Pesa express option available in the app.

Senti loan tenure

Senti loan app gives customers up to 365 days to repay their loan. One chooses the period that fits them most.

Other services you can access on Senti

  • You can buy airtime from the app
  • You can pay water bills from the app
  • You can pay KPLC bills from the app (Buy KPLC tokens)
  • Manage your bills with a special feature on the app

Senti loan calculation

For example if you borrow KSH. 30,000 from the app, this is how your interest will be calculated.

If you set the repayment to 120 days, the service fee will be 15%.

The total amount you will have to pay is KSH. 34,500

Senti loan customer care contacts
Official website 

Phone number: 0712517910


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