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Premise App Review

The premise is an online survey app that provides users with the opportunity to earn online by completing simple tasks. These tasks are updated on a daily basis and a single user is allowed to take up to 20 tasks at a time.

All you need to join The Premise app is your smartphone and access to the internet. With your phone, head to the google play store and download the premise app to register and start earning on this platform.

Types of tasks available in the premise app
  • Taking pictures
  • Answering questions
Taking pictures

Taking pictures is the main task available in this app. You should therefore make sure that your phone’s camera has no problem that might interfere with the quality of the picture you take while carrying out the tasks.

You will be require to take pictures of several things mainly products and adverts for research and other studies by various brands marketing department.

Some items you might be asked to take pictures of;

  1. Billboards– This is the highest paying task in the platform, you can be paid from sh.50 to sh.100 for every billboard picture you take. Depending on your location, you will be asked to take pictures of some products and upload them into the app to complete the task. The amount will be credited into your account after successfully completing the task and you will be able to withdraw when you reach the required threshold.
  2. Price tags in the supermarket- You might also be asked to take pictures of products in a supermarket’s shelf capturing their price tags. At first, you might be asked to take the picture from close range capturing the product and its price tag only, then you can be asked to take the picture of the same product from long range to show the goods shelved alongside the good and the size of the supermarket. Before carrying out this task, you should learn about the rules and regulations of the supermarket you intend to carry out this task because taking pictures is not allowed in some supermarkets.
  3. Outdoor tasks- Apart from the billboard and supermarket tasks, you can also be tasked to take pictures of some outdoor activities. You can be asked to take picture of traffic jams, roads and  other activities in your environment. These tasks vary according to your demographic location, there are areas with high number of tasks and some with low number of tasks.
  Answering questions

Answering simple questions is the most frequent task in this platform and the lowest paying task. Its also the simplest task as it requires no travelling or walking from one place to another. With only your phone and reliable data connection at the comfort of your home, office, or school, you can log into your app and answer the simple questions available honestly and earn from it.

The questions vary depending on the information you gave while registering in the app and some factors such as age, gender, demographic location etc. In order to earn from this, you must answer the questions honestly as any inconsistency detected might make make your payment stalled.

You must also have enough command on the topic before accepting to take questions on it, this will help you answer the questions accurately and will make your scores to be improved on the platform increasing your chances of earning more on the platform.

How does premise app pay?

Premise app pay for every task complete depending on the nature of the task. Some tasks are more demanding than others and they therefore pay more than the less demanding tasks.

Tasks that involve taking pictures and videos generate sh.20 to sh.100 when complete while those that involve answering questions only generate from sh. 10 to sh. 20. One is allowed to take up to 20 tasks at a time, this means you can earn up to a maximum of sh. 2000 at a rime, this is however limited at a times because the tasks available at a time might be less than 20. You can still make up to sh. 1000 in a good day.

The withdrawal threshold depends on the payment type you have in your platform and you can withdraw the amount anytime you hit the threshold. There are four payment options available in the premise app. These are; Coinbase, Payoneer, PayPal, and Mobile top-up. For the first three modes of payment, the withdrawal threshold is 100 dollars while you need a threshold of 5 dollars to withdraw using the later option. Using the mobile Top-up option, you can withdraw straight to your M-PESA or Airtel money account without having to create a PayPal account.


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