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PesaZone loan app 2022: APK Download, Paybill, Contacts


Pesazone loan app is a financial app that offers instant loans to customers ranging between KSH. 250 and KSH. 50,000.

PesaZone loans are unsecured and processed fully online. Only a few requirements are required for one to qualify for a loan on PesaZone loan app.

In this article, I will let you know of everything you need to know about PesaZone loan app.

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How to borrow loan from PesaZone loan app

PesaZone loan app 2022 download

Download PesaZone loan app

To download PesaZone loan app, all you need is a smartphone that has an access to google play store (an android phone).

To download this app, visit google play store and search for PesaZone loan app, proceed to download and install this app before you start with the process of registration.

You can as well follow this link which will direct you to google play store and to the location of the app. You can therefore proceed to download and install the app.

Register on PesaZone loan app

To register on PesaZone loan app all you need is a national ID. With your original ID, you can register a new account o the app and borrow your first loan on the app.

Submit your first loan request

After registering a new account on PesaZone loan app, your a loan limit will be updated on the app. You can therefore apply for a loan of any amount within your limit on the app.

How PesaZone calculates one’s loan limit

Once you downloan Pesazone loan app, it will requests for your permission to let it access some of your mobile apps. The following are some of the apps that will be accessed by PesaZone app:

  • Location details
  • Call logs
  • Contacts/Phone book
  • Messages

With information obtained from these apps in your phone, your loan limit will be automatically calculated.

How to have a high loan limit on PesaZone loan app

To have a high loan limit on PesaZone loan app, do the following:

  • Keep your M-Pesa messages (Especially those from high transactions) as they will use these to determine your loan limit.
  • Pay your previous loans in time
  • Have a clean CRB record

PesaZone loan tenure

PesaZone loan app gives customers a maximum loan repayment period of 150 days and a minimum period of 63 days. A customer can choose a period that fits them most.

PesaZone interest rate

PesaZone charges a maximum APR of 52%. The total interest one pays is however determined by the amount one borrows and the repayment period he/she chooses.

A long repayment period attracts a large interest while a short repayment period attracts a small interest rate.

PesaZone loan amount

PesaZone offers loans ranging between KSH. 250 and KSH. 50,000. The amount one borrows depend on their credit score. You can improve your credit score by applying the secrets I have revealed in this article.

PesaZone loan calculation

  • KSH. 10,000 loan to be paid in 90 – days attracts an interest of 12%.
  • Total interest charges will be Ksh. 1,200.
  • The total amount due would be Ksh.11,200
  • The calculation will be ((12/100) x 10,000) +10,000=11,200

Benefits of PesaZone loan app

  • The app does not require any registration fee or loan processing fee
  • The app does not require a guarantor or security
  • One can borrow as low as KSH. 250 from the app.
  • Low interest rate

PesaZone loan app paybill number

PesaZone loan app paybill number is 754285. You can as well use M-Pesa express option to repay any loan borrowed from the app. The M-Pesa express option is found in the app.

Any excess payment done knowingly or unknowingly will be carried forward to the next loan you borrow from the loan app next time.

You will qualify for a higher loan immediately you fully repay your current loan. This way you can borrow from your friend, repay the loan and borrow a higher amount immediately to repay your friend and keep he rest.

PesaZone Customer care contacts


Official Website: PesaZone.Com


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