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5 legit paying apps in Kenya 2023


Have you ever heard of paying apps in Kenya? Well if you have not had them, then you will learn about paying apps in Kenya today and if you have had of them then I am sure you haven’t gone through all of them to determine which ones are legitimate or not.

The process of uploading an app to the google play store has been simplified of late, that’s why many apps illegitimate apps find their way on that platform with good descriptions and fake reviews luring the users and even going to an extent of stealing from the unsuspecting users.

The following is a list of the ten best mobile applications from known companies and you can install them for free from the google play store to make real cash in Kenya;

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Task Mate paying apps in Kenya

Task mate is one of the paying apps in Kenya. Task mate is an App created by Google to assist in various activities that cant is carried out by a robot/computer. These tasks include identifying colors, translating texts from one language to the other especially vernacular languages and Swahili, taking images of places, and identifying objects in an image. Task mate took a lot of time before it officially started working in Kenya but currently, it is functional in the country. The app is available on google plays tore and you can download it for free and make money on it by completing the simple tasks it offers.

Yandex Toloka

Yandex toloka is the second paying apps in Kenya. Yandex Toloka shares many common features with the Task Mate app. It functions the same way as Task mate just that the latter pays slightly higher than the former. With Yandex, one earns from completing simple tasks like taking pictures, answering simple questions, and differentiating colors.

Premise App

The premise is a mobile app that provides users with an opportunity to earn money by completing simple tasks online. The tasks range from answering simple questions, taking various photos using your smartphone, and giving your opinion on various topics. This information is used by various brands to conduct market research and determine how their products are being received in the market.


GeoPoll is a paid survey platform that rewards its users for completing simple surveys. These rewards depend on the difficulty of the survey, the length of the survey, and the average time you will take to complete the survey. In short, the reward is meant to compensate for the time and resources you have used to complete the survey.

GeoPoll rewards its users in form of Airtime, Data bundles, and real cash. The GeoPoll app is available for free in the Google play store and can also be accessed by their official website, apart from online platforms, GeoPoll can be accessed through text SMS which is a piece of very good news for those who don’t have smartphones and laptops.


Sagapoll functions like GeoPoll. In Sagapoll, users are also rewarded for completing simple tasks and surveys. The sagapoll app is free in the Google play store and you can download it to start completing the surveys immediately.

How to make money on paying apps in Kenya

  • Learn what the app is all about- There is a wide range of paying apps in Kenya various platforms and before you install one, do a background check to determine what the app is all about. Paying apps in Kenya mostly reward users for participating in surveys, completing tasks, participating in their games, and investing your money to earn interest. When you understand what the app is all about, you learn the risks involved and make a sound decision to proceed or not.
  • Complete the required task- After conducting a background check on the app and deciding to install it, complete the stipulated task as instructed. Make sure you understand the objectives of every task before beginning to work on it.
  • Answer the questions honestly and accurately- If the task involves answering questions, please do so honestly. There are other questions that are planted by the surveyor to determine if you are a robot or a real human being, so the best thing to do is to answer the questions accurately without ignoring even the easiest of all.
  • Complete the tasks before the deadline- Every task has a deadline in these apps, therefore make sure that you complete the tasks before the stipulated deadline.
  • Ensure your payment details are accurate- In the payment details, make sure that yours is accurate. If it’s M-pesa, make sure you type in your M-Pesa details accurately without missing even a single number. If the payment method is PayPal, make sure you have a working PayPal account and you can learn how to create one by just clicking this link.
  • Reach the payment threshold- Most paying apps in Kenya have payment thresholds that one should reach before being allowed to withdraw their earnings. Some of these thresholds are crazy, you should therefore look at them keenly before taking on any task. This is how to make money on paying apps in Kenya.

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