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How to earn money online from paid surveys in Kenya 2023


How to earn money online from paid surveys in Kenya. Paid surveys is the easiest way to earn online.
These paid surveys range from conducting simple tasks in your environment to answering simple questions after which you will be rewarded with airtime or money.
These tasks vary according to the intention of the paid surveys and what the paid surveys company wants to achieve from it. You can be asked to answer some questions honestly by the survey company, take a picture of your dustbin, record a video of your television or record a short video.
These tasks help the survey companies to conduct market research for a given company, monitor adverts run by a given company and conduct other research programs.

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To conduct these surveys, you need your phone only. This is one of the many online jobs you can conduct without a laptop, some are even conducted through text message service, this means that you can carry out the survey with a phone that cannot access internet. The payment vary according to the task and the company conducting the survey.

There are two types of Surveys, international surveys and local surveys; International surveys. International surveys are the ones conducted in more than one country. These are the surveys conducted by international survey companies or companies from other countries looking to know more about your country’s market. They are usually the highest paying surveys and are sometimes complex. To participate in this type of survey, one might need a PayPal account or another international paying platform for receiving the payment. You can read about other payment platforms you can use instead of PayPal in my previous articles.

You must understand the mode of payment and be conversant with it before starting to execute the tasks prescribed by those survey companies. Local surveys These are surveys conducted by local companies, they vary from political opinion polls to simple market research and monitoring of adverts. You can be asked to stay awake till midnight to record as a local TV station runs a certain advert. The payment procedure for this type of survey is very simple as it is usually done directly to your M-pesa account. The payment can also be done by airtime and data bundles. These are the most common types of Surveys and they are readily available especially during this electioneering period.

Top paid surveys websites in Kenya


Qualtrics Survey– This is the latest survey company in town. They have not started conducting many surveys but you can click this link to participate in their first survey. You will be rewarded with airtime one to two days after completing the task.

Survey now- This is also another veteran paid surveys company that offers paid surveys services. Just like Geopol, they have stayed in the market for a long time and have conducted more paid surveys. They therefore have a good flow of tasks as opposed to new survey websites still struggling to find a breakthrough in the market. You can follow them on their social media platforms to know more about them and get links to participate in their tasks.

Opinion Space Kenya Community– Opinion space Kenya also conducts various surveys which one can take part in and earn money online. This website also rewards in form of Cash through M-PESA, airtime and data bundles. You can find more about them on their official social media platforms where you will get the link to their latest tasks.

Factors to consider before taking paid Surveys in Kenya

Paid surveys is a very easy way to earn money online and one might be tempted to sign up for these tasks without considering critical guidelines which helps every participant needs to consider. The following are some of the things you should consider;

I. Payment channel- As you had read earlier in this blog, survey companies make their payments through various channels. One should be aware of the payment channel and be well conversant with it. Do not participate in a survey paying through PayPal when you don’t have an active PayPal account.

II. Rewards– You should also consider the reward you will receive after successfully completing the tasks. Some surveys are free and the participants are only thanked after completing the tasks. You don’t want to participate in these surveys unless you want a thank you reward.

III. Privacy policy– Make sure that you guard your privacy when participating these surveys. Avoid giving them your personal information like pin number, password and if they have a mobile app, avoid granting them access to your private data like contact list and messages. You might lose the little you have when chasing more.

IV. Topic of survey– Make sure that you are conversant with the topic of research before deciding to participate. Your knowledge on the topic will allow you to answer the questions and carry out the tasks conversantly. This will enhance the relationship between you and the research company. You may fail to get paid if you answer the survey questions wrongly. There are some questions which may be asked by the company to determine your knowledge on the topic of research, having a background knowledge on the topic will enable you to answer the questions correctly.

V. Payment threshold– Most of the research companies have a threshold which you must attain in order for your payment to be disbursed to your account. Make sure that this threshold is realistic and attainable. Some of the companies raise the threshold to an unattainable amount intentionally to avoid paying their clients.


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