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Online jobs in kenya using smartphone 2023


Online jobs in Kenya are taking an upward trend due to numerous factors. Most of these jobs require one to have access to the internet and a gadget that can access the internet in desktop mode.

Well most of these jobs require a laptop but not everyone can afford a laptop, this is why has compiled a list of online jobs one can do even without having access to a laptop and still earn big.

The following is a list of online jobs you can do without a laptop;

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Content Creation

With many social media platforms rising in the country, content creation has grown to become a lucrative adventure. Creating videos, photos and articles has become a very common activity in Kenya with most of these content creators relying on various social media platforms to showcase their work and make earn money online jobs. There are two ways in which content creators can earn online jobs; That is attracting more audience and activating adverts on their platforms or selling their creative works to those who are willing to buy. You can learn more about content creation and how you can make money on various social media platforms in this blog.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the easiest online jobs. Most of these surveys do not require any experience to start and all you need is a smartphone. Some of these surveys are conducted through text message and one does not require an internet connection to participate in them. Paid surveys range from answering simple questions, giving your opinion on various topics, and conducting simple tasks after which you are awarded airtime, data bundles, and real cash. Companies like Geopol offer paid survey programs in Kenya.

Paid tasks 

There are online jobs platforms offering paid task programs in Kenya. On these platforms, members are paid after completing simple tasks like following a social media account, a social media post, or viewing ads.

Apps like Yandex Toloka and Zareklamy offer this program and you can download the apps on your mobile phone without requiring a laptop or a desktop device. Some of the tasks available on these platforms include; liking social media posts, following social media accounts, watching ads, reviewing apps, reviewing products in online stores, and installing apps.

Click on this link to join Talent desire which is one of the platforms offering paid tasks for their subscribers.

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing programs enable members to run various ads on their social media platforms and blogs and earn a commission anytime their followers click the link or buy a product from the advertiser.

Affiliate marketing programs are most common with betting companies and online stores. In Kenya, the Jumia affiliate program, Betika, and Amazon affiliate programs are the most common affiliate programs.

There are some affiliate programs that allow one to run the ads on their WhatsApp status and Facebook accounts, you don’t need a laptop or a desktop to register and run these ads.

Paid games

Playing games is one of the ways you can make real cash online. Believe it or not, there are some gaming apps that pay users to participate in their games.

Some of these apps are available in the Google play store where you can install them, enjoy and earn real cash in the process. These games involve answering questions, competing with friends, and competing with other app users.


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