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Netflix packages in Kenya and their prices 2022


There are five Netflix packages in Kenya which are;

FREE mobile Netflix package

Netflix Mobile Package

Netflix Basic Package

Netflix Standard Package

Netflix Premium Package

Now let’s look at the various Netflix Packages in details starting with the cheapest Netflix package that is the FREE Netflix Mobile Package;

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FREE mobile Netflix package

Netflix packages in Kenya and their prices 2022

Netflix recently launched a free package for all its mobile subscribers. The free package is available for only the mobile App users and not any other device.

To access this package, install the Netflix Mobile app available for free in Google play store.

Those using this free package can access a number of movies, series and documentaries available under this package. However, to access many movies, series and documentaries, you must upgrade to one of the paid packages.

Under this package you can also download movies to watch later when you have no internet connection.

Netflix packages in Kenya and their prices 2022 Netflix Mobile Package

Mobile Netflix package is the lowest Netflix package available for Kenyan subscribers. This package is available for all Kenyan customers at KSH. 300 only.

Netflix Mobile Package is available for only mobile phone users as it can not be accessed on any other devices apart from mobile phone.

To access this package, download the Netflix Mobile app available for free on google play store.

This package has a number of series, movies and documentaries more than the free package. Under this package you can also access a number of highly rated and new videos. Videos under this package are 480P resolution.

Netflix Basic Package

Basic Netflix Package is the second lowest package available for Netflix Mobile App users and the lowest package available for Netflix users on other devices apart from the mobile app. Netflix Basic Package costs KSH. 700 only and it is the most common package among Netflix users.

This package can be accessed on Mobile phone, tablet, smart tv, computer and laptop. Just like the mobile paid package, videos under the basic package are 480P resolution and subscribers using the mobile app can download the videos to watch later when not connected to internet. You can also use the same subscription on multiple devices but you can only stream on a single device at a time. In short, you cannot watch movie on tv and phone at the same time using the same basic Netflix package.

Netflix Standard Package

Netflix Standard Package is the other package that can be accessed on all devices (Mobile app, Smart TV, Computer and Laptop). Netflix Standard Package goes for KSH. 1,100 every month and it has a better video resolution of 1080P.

This package has some of the best movies, series, and documentaries. Some of the popular contents available under this package include; Narcos, The Crown, This is us, Breaking Bad, Stranger things, house of cards among others.

As opposed to the cheaper packages where one can only stream on one device at a time on a single package, Netflix Standard Package allows a subscriber to stream on two devices simultaneously using a single subscription. To mean you can watch a movie on your smart tv and on phone at the same time without paying extra.

Netflix Premium Package

This is the top most Netflix Package in Kenya. It has the best video quality that is 4K and HDR and unlimited access to all the videos available in Netflix. This package costs KSH. 1,450 only.

You can access this subscription on all devices (smart tv, computer, mobile App and laptop) and you can stream on four devices consecutively which makes it the perfect subscription plan for family. Up to four people can create their account on a single subscription and have their password, the main admin can also regulate the content viewed by each member depending on their age.

How to sign up for Netflix in Kenya

Signing up for Netflix in Kenya is very easy, all you need is a functional email address and the amount you will use for your first subscription (if you will be opting for a paid subscription). There are two ways to subscribe for Netflix and that is through mobile App and official Netflix website.

Registering on Netflix through Netflix Mobile App

To register on Netflix through mobile app, all you need is a smart phone and internet connection (WiFi or data bundles).

Download the Netflix Mobile App and click on register new account, enter your email and preferred password. You will be able to access all the membership services on this app. Follow this link to download the app.

How to buy Netflix package through official Netflix website

To register on Netflix through the official Netflix Website, visit the website using this link and choose your desired plan and create an account using a functional email address and a password.

Choose a payment method which can either be a debit card, credit card, PayPal or a gift card. (When you want to use M-Pesa as your mode of payment, choose debit card at this level).

How to pay for Netflix subscription in Kenya using M-Pesa

To pay for Netflix subscription in Kenya using M-Pesa, you must download the updated M-Pesa app from Google play store.

After downloading the M-Pesa app, register for the M-Pesa global pay and you will be issued a virtual debit card. With this card, you can make pay for Netflix instantly by inserting your debit card number and pin on the Netflix Mobile App or website. The amount will be deducted from your M-Pesa balance once the payment is through.


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