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Mobile loan in Kenya 2022: Zash loan App


Zash loan app is a digital lender based in Kenya. Zash loan app offers loans ranging from KSH. 500 to KSH. 50,000 depending on one’s loan limit. Zash loans are unsecured and they take only one minute to be processed before the loan is disbursed to your M-Pesa account.

On google play store, Zash loan app has over one million downloads and a rating of 4.2 stars out of possible five star rating which is a good rating as compared to other lending apps on the same platform. The app also has over 10,000 reviews most of which are positive.

In this article, I will guide you step by step how to download and install Zash loan app, how to apply for your first loan and how to repay the loan.

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Zash loan app download in Kenya

How to download and install Zash loan app

Zash loan app is available for free on google play store. To download this app, visit google play store and search for Zash loan app on the search section of your google play store.

Zash loan app will appear among the search results, most probably as the first search result. Click download after successfully searching for app on Google play store and the app will download and automatically install after the downloading process is complete.

How to apply loan on Zash loan app

To apply for Zash loan app, you must first register for Zash loan app and to register, you need the following;

• Registered mobile number

• ID number

• Names match with ID

• Place of work

• Physical address

• Emergency contact details

With the following details, open your app and click on register new account. Enter the above details to create a new account. After creating a new account, your loan limit will be automatically calculated and it will be revealed on your mobile app.

Apply any amount within your loan limit and the loan will be processed and disbursed to your M-Pesa account within one minute.

Zash loan interest rate

Zash loan charges an annual interest rate of 25%. This interest is calculated and revealed to the customer before their loan is approved and they are supposed to repay it together with their loan .

Zash loan late payment penalty

Zash loan charges 2.5% penalty when a customer fails to repay their loan in time as agreed upon when borrowing the loan. This penalty charged on the loan balance and not the total amount borrowed.

For example, if you borrowed KSH. 1,000 and repay KSH. 900 in time, the penalty of 2.5% will be charged on the loan balance which KSH. 100.

But you can avoid this penalty by contacting Zash loan to extend your payment period by sebven days if you are unable to repay the loan within the time you chose when applying.

How to repay Zash loan

How to repay Zash loan through M-Pesa (Paybill)

To repay your loan through M-Pesa, visit M-Pesa menu on your sim toolkit and choose the Lipa na M-Pesa option.

Enter Zash loan paybill number 733555 and enter your phone number as the account number. Enter your M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction.

How to repay Zash loan through Bank transaction

Apart from M-Pesa, you can also repay your loan through Bank transaction by using the following bank details;

• Account Name: Lui Bo

• Account number: 2041217491

• Bank Name: Barclays Bank Of Kenya Limited


• Short Code: 03094

Zash loan contacts

• Telephone:0111 008008

• WhatsApp: 0786230128

• E-mail:

How much will I repay if I borrow KSH. 1,000 on Zash loan app?

If you borrow 1,000 shillings on Zash loan app, you will have to pay an interest of 250 shillings together with the 1,000 shillings you borrowed. In total, you will pay KSH. 1,250 if you repay the amount in time. You will however have to pay an extra amount if you repay the amount after the repayment period has collapsed.


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