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Kopesha loan app 2022: APK Download, Paybill, Customer Care Contacts


Kopesha loan app is an instant lending app that offers loans ranging between KSH. 500 and KSH. 50,000. The app is developed and maintained by Innovative Apps Solutions which is also affiliated with the Bazz App.

This app was formerly known as ustawi loan app before it changed its name to Kopesha loan app.

This app was released on 4th September 2022 and since then, it has received over 100,000 downloads.

In this article, I will reveal to you everything you need to know about Kopesha loan app. I will direct you on how to download the app, how to install the app, the requirements you need to meet to qualify for an instant loan on the app, the app’s paybill number, and how to contact the app’s customer care desk.

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How to download Kopesha loan app

To download Kopesha  app, you need a smartphone that can access google play store.

On google play store, just search for “Kopesha app” and the app will appear as the first search result.

Go ahead to download and install the app before you begin with the process of borrowing your first loan from the app.

How to borrow instant loan from Kopesha loan app

To borrow from Kopesha loan app, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must have national ID
  • Must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Must have a clean CRB record

After meeting the following qualifications, you can go ahead to create a new account on the app and verify your account using an OTP that will be sent to your mobile number.

You can then proceed to borrow a loan of any amount within your loan limit once your details are verified. The amount will be processed and deposited into your M-Pesa account within five minutes after the verification.

To download this app, click on this link.

Kopesha loan app interest rate

Kopesha loan app charges an interest rate of 26% per year. For example if you borrow KSH. 1,000, you will calculate your interest by multiplying the amount with 26%.

This will be, 1,000 * 0.26 which is equal to 260. You will then proceed to subtract KSH. 100 from the interest (This amount will be deducted from your loan amount as the service fee before it is disbursed). You will therefore pay an interest of KSH. 160. The total amount will be KSH. 1,160.

This is how interest rates are calculated at Kopesha app. You can use this formula to calculate the amount of interest you can pay for any amount borrowed.

Kopesha loan app service fee

Kopesha loan app also charge service fee ranging from KSH. 99 to KSH. 200. This amount depend on the amount you re borrowing and your credit score. This amount is deducted before the amount is disbursed to your account. Meaning that the amount you will receive will be less than the amount you borrow.

Kopesha loan app loan term

Kopesha loan app gives customers a period of between 91 days (three months) and 365 days (One year) to repay their loan. A customer may choose any time frame that fits them most when borrowing the loan (But it must fall within 91-365 days).

Disadvantages of Kopesha loan app

It requests customers a service fee before approving your loan. This fee is requested under unclear circumstances

Your loan request might fail despite paying service fee. This can make you lose your hard earned money.

They do not have active customer care services where you can raise your complains and have them solved.

Kopesha loan app paybill number

Kopesha loan app does not have a paybill number. The transactions are done through the app.

Kopesha contacts

Phone number: +254 743 350085



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