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How to join Uber as a driver in Kenya 2022


Uber is an online taxi service that gives customers the pleasure to book a ride online through their mobile app. Any driver can register their cars on the platform as long as they meet the requirements put in place by the company.

In this article, I will be taking you step by step how to register a car on the platform to begin or expand your taxi business.

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Uber Kenya

Benefits of joining Uber as a driver

• The platform is trusted by many customer. Your customers will therefore trust your services which is a plus in any business.

• No restrictions on time and days to work. You can work anytime you feel like. All you have to do is to open your app to accept orders when you want to work and close your app when you don’t feel like.

• On Uber, you will have the opportunity to get many customers. With over 500 million downloads online, this is the most taxi app in the world and in Kenya. You will therefore have access to many customers which will have a positive impact on your earnings.

• You will join a large network of drivers who are already using the platform.

• Your customers will have the opportunity to rate your work on the platform and positive rating will have a positive impact on your earnings.

With these and more benefits which I have not listed above, you can now make an informed decision to join or leave the platform.

How to join Uber as a driver in Kenya

To join the platform as a driver in Kenya, you need to meet the following requirements;

• You must be 21 years and above with a valid national ID

• You must have a valid Public Service Vehicle driving license

• You must have a working email address and a functional phone number

• You must be assessed and certified by Uber

• You must have a smartphone to download and install the Uber drivers app.

To join Uber, you must have a vehicle which meet the following requirements;

• The vehicle must have Public Service Vehicle valid Insurance

• You must have original Motor vehicle registration certificates to prove ownership of the vehicle

• The car must be of 2006 or earlier

• Uber will inspect the vehicle and present a report

• The owner of the vehicle must present their national ID card

• The vehicle must have a working radio

• The vehicle must have at least 4 doors

After meeting the above requirements, you will then move to the registration platform and you will complete the registration process to start working on the platform. Under the registration platform, you will be required to enter your name, email, and password. You will use these details to log into your account.

After completing the first part of the registration, your car will be inspected by officials who will determine if it meets the qualifications set in place by the platform. If it meets the qualifications, you will be verified and issued with a verification certificate and you will start working and earning more on the platform.

Click this link to start the process of registration on the platform as a driver.

How much does Uber deduct on every drive?

The app deducts 25% of the total ride one accesses through the app. The driver will therefore get 75% of each and every drive. The earnings are paid weekly on the account the driver placed when registering. A recent push by the drivers to the interest deducted by the app reduced failed.


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