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Instapesa loan app 2023: APK Download, Paybill, Contacts


The instaPesa loan app was launched on 28th October 2022 and has since gathered more than 10,000 downloads on the google play store and a three-star rating.

InstaPesa loan app offers instant personal loans ranging between KSH. 3,000 and KSH. 80,000. One does not require any guarantor or security to qualify for a loan on the app.

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InstaPesa loan app eligibility

To be eligible for borrowing loan on InstaPesa, you need to meet the following qualifications;

  • You must be 18 years old and above (There is no age limit)
  • You must be a Kenyan citizen who holds a national ID
  • You must have a clean CRB record as it will directly affect your loan limit
  • You must have a safaricom sim card with active M-Pesa account
  • Sign up a form available in the app.

Benefits of InstaPesa loan app

Offers high amount as compared to other apps. This is one of the few loan apps in Kenya that offer amounts more than KSH. 70,000 which is the limit of most Kenyan lenders.

Gives customer long period to repay their loans. This app gives customers between 91 days and 365 days to repay their loans which is a good period as compared to other apps

All its services are conducted online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can therefore borrow money during weekends, at night and even urgently because the process is automatic.

No fee required before your loan is approved. Some lending apps require service fee before your loan is processed but this is not the same case with InstaPesa loan app.

InstaPesa does not share one’s information with any third party. When you give your information to InstaPesa loan app, be sure that it will not be shared by anyone. Not even the customer care desk.

You require no credit history with the platform or any other platform to qualify for a loan. You will not be required to send your M-Pesa or bank statement for your loan to be approved.

InstaPesa loan amount

InstaPesa offers loans ranging between KSH. 3,000 and KSH. 80,000. A customer will start with a lower amount then proceed up as they continue to borrow and repay their loans. When you repay your loan in time, your loan limit improves instantly.

InstaPesa loan tenure

InstaPesa loan app gives customers a repayment period between 91 days (three months) and 365 days (one year). A customer can choose the period that fits them most according to your financial capabilities.

InstaPesa loan app interest rate

InstaPesa charge an interest rate ranging between 8% and 20%. The amount of interest you will pay depend on the repayment period you choose when borrowing the loan. All the fees you will repay will be communicated to you before you agree to borrow the loan.

InstaPesa loan app service fee

Apart from the interest rate charged by InstaPesa loan app, you will also be required to pay a 6% service fee which is charged on principle amount.

InstaPesa loan calculation example

For example, if you borrow KSH. 20,000 and set the repayment period to 180 days, you will be required to pay an interest rate of 10% and a service fee of 6% if it is your first time to borrow a loan from the platform.

The total amount you will pay will therefore be KSH. 22,186 which will be paid in six months which is KSH. 3,698 per month.

InstaPesa loan app customer care contact

Customer Service Email:

Physical Address: Tulivu Junior Acdemy, Kiambu, Kenya, 00900

Official Facebook page

InstaPesa paybill number

InstaPesa does not have a paybill number. The transactions re therefore done in the app through the M-Pesa Express option available in the app.


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