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InstaHela loan app 2023: APK Download, Paybill, Contact


InstaHela loan app is a mobile app that offers instant loans ranging between Ksh. 100,000 to Ksh. 1,000,000. This app is however not for everyone as one must have a Fixed economic income in order to qualify for a loan.

InstaHela loans are safe and reliable in emergency cases that require a lit of money. You can as well use money from Instahela loan app to start and operate a business.

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Click on this link to download Instahela loan app straight from google playstore and start borrowing up to Ksh. 1,000,000.

Instahela loan description

Instahela loan app in Kenya 2023

Instahela loan term

Instahela gives customers a period of between 91 days and 180 days to repay their loans. The period one settles on affect the interest they pay directly. When one settles on a short repayment period, they will repay the loan with little interest and if one settles on long repayment period, they will have to repay the loan with high interest.

Instahela interest rate

Instahela charges a constant interest rate of 35% per annum. This is around  3% interest per month.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instahela loan

Advantages of Instahela loan app

Instahela loan app offers high large amount of money in form of loans. As other loan apps offer up to Ksh. 70,000 loans, Instahela offer up to Ksh. 1,000,000 which is not offered by any loan app in the country.

Instahela loans are processed instantly and the amount is disbursed into one’s bank account immediately. This is an advantage over other apps like Huduma loan app and Azimio loan app which take up to 24 hours to process and disburse loans.

Instapesa loan app charge low interest rate as compared to other loan apps in the country. While other apps charge as high as 260% per annum, instahela loan app only charge 35% interest per annum which is rather low.

Apart from the online services, instahela also offer instant loans physically when you visit their offices armed with the requirements needed. This is reliable to those who live near those offices as one can visit the office and get a loan.

Disadvantages of Instahela loan app

Borrowing money from Instahela loan app involves very many processes. As opposed to other loan apps which have simplified loan application process, instahela loan app has a somehow complicated loan application process.

To qualify to borrow any amount from Instahela loan app, one must have a Fixed economic income. Anyone without a fixed economic income does not qualify for a loan in the app.

One cannot borrow below Ksh. 100,000. This is not reliable to those in need of amounts below Ksh. 100,000. They are required to borrow from other sources which may not be reliable.

How to borrow money from Instahela

Instahela loan Requirements

  • One must be above the age of 18 for them to qualify for a loan. You need your national ID to prove this.
  • One must be a Kenyan citizen to qualify for a loan. You also need your national ID to prove that you are a Kenyan citizen.
  • One must have a fixed economic income. This can be salary or income from one’s business. payslip or bank statement can help in proving this, you should therefore arm yourself with your payslip.
  • One must have a bamk account. Most mobile money services like M-Pesa cannot handle above Ksh. 300,000. One therefore need a bank account where the amount will be deposited once the loan is approved.

How to apply for loan in Instahela

  1. Download the application from google playstore and install it on your mobile phone
  2. Fill in the basic information of the application form which is available in the app.
  3. Add your bank account after applying for the loan.
  4. If the loan is approved, withdraw funds from your bank account.

Intahela Loan example

If your loan amount is  Ksh 200,000 , 6% interest will be charged, so the maximum amount for a one-year loan is Ksh 212,000 = Ksh 200,000 * (1+6%)

Instahela loan customer care contacts



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