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How to sell on Jumia food in Kenya 2022


Jumia food is a branch of Jumia online shopping which is one of the leading online stores in Africa. Jumia gives customers the chance to order their favorite meals online and have it delivered to their doorstep by Jumia riders who are available anytime.

Because Jumia does not have a restaurant, hotel or an eatery, they depend on local food stores to provide them with the stock and packaging. As a food store owner, you can earn extra coins when you register your store on Jumia.

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Jumia food in Kenya

Benefits of selling on Jumia food

  • Your sales will increase as you will reach more customers on the platform. Jumia has thousands of daily users in Kenya, you will surely land many customers on the platform.
  • Registration process is absolutely free. Setting up your store on Jumia food will not cost any amount of money and you can withdraw anytime you feel like.
  • Jumia will train you for free. When you set up your food store on Jumia, they will reach out to you and teach you the basics of online marketing and packaging your products for delivery. These lessons will help you a great deal.
  • When you set up your food store on Jumia, they will deliver your products instantly to the customers who order. Apart from reaching more customers, you will also be able to multiply your earnings.
  • Jumia will also help you to sell your products by marketing the products, delivering the products, handling the payments and offering after sales services where required.

How to set up your food store on Jumia

To set up your store on Jumia, you need to complete these three steps;

• Register on Jumia food online platform

• Activate your online account

• Get trained by Jumia

• Begin selling

Register on Jumia food online platform

To set up your store on food Jumia, you will be first required to have an online account on Jumia food platform.

Jumia has a special platform for food vendors and on this platform, you can sell your products and track your earnings in real time. You can download the Jumia food vendor app on google play store or apple app store depending on your phone’s operating system.

The registration process is in two steps and in the first step, you will be required to fill in your personal details like phone number, email address, location, name and set password.

In the second step, you will be required to fill in your business details. You will be required to provide some of your business’ documents to complete this stage. After submitting the documents, you will then move to the next step which I will explain below.

Activate your account

In step 2, you will be required to activate your account online. At this stage a Jumia agent will call you to help you with the process of verifying your account. This call will come immediately you complete the first step if it’s on a weekday between 9am and 5pm. You will also upload your menu (the list of foods you sell and their prices) on Jumia food at this stage.

Get trained

This is the second last process you will have to complete before starting to sell on Jumia food. At this stage, Jumia will assign an agent to you for free and this agent will teach you. One of the things this agent will teach you is how place your products on Jumia food app, how check if you have a pending order, how accept an order, how to cancel an order, how to package the product and how to hand over the food to a rider who will deliver it to the customer. After this training, you are good to go. But not before you complete this fourth step which is the most difficult one.

Start selling

This is the most important step because it is the main reason why you are reading this article. At this step, you will accept the orders, prepare the meal, hand it over to the rider who will receive it at your doorstep to deliver it to the customer and you will sit back and wait to withdraw your money.

How Jumia food vendor works

Jumia foods works in a very simple way. The work is divided between the vendor and Jumia food.

How it works

The customer places order on Jumia food app

The vendor accepts or declines the order (if the declines the order, the process stops here but if you accept the order, you will proceed to the next step)

The vendor prepares the meal and packages it (this is where the vendor finishes their work)

Jumia rider picks up the packaged food and delivers it.

Towns in Kenya where Jumia food is available









Foods that sell hottly on Jumia food


Cakes (birthday, wedding and celebration cakes)


Alcoholic drinks

Soft drinks

Jumia food contacts

Call: 0709768000


Call +254 742 611 807


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