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How to make money with twitter

Do you have an active twitter account with 10,000 followers or more? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you’ll learn how to monetize your twitter account in this article. If the answer is no, then just stay tuned because you’ll learn how to grow your twitter account to reach 10,000 followers.

First let’s learn how to start and grow grow a twitter account to take into consideration readers who haven’t reached 10,000 followers. Those with 10,000 and more followers can also use some of these tips to grow their twitter accounts.

How to gain 10,000 twitter followers in a month
  • Keeping your twitter account active throughout
  • Using trending hashtags and topics to gain more audience
  • Joining twitter groups
  • Joining twitter spaces
  • Commenting bellow popular tweets
  • Following gaining accounts.

To gain followers on your twitter account, all you have to do is to grow your audience, when your tweet reaches more people, then many people will follow you, comment, and retweet your tweets. These are the steps I followed to build my twitter account from zero followers to the current 60,000 followers;

Keeping your twitter account active throughout- To gain more followers and engagements on twitter, your account must be active throughout. You should always be on your app tweeting, commenting, retweeting, and sharing images and media on your account. All your tweets should be interesting to grab attention of other netizens. You must be consistent to achieve your goal.

Using trending hashtags and topics to gain more audience- Everyday twitter ranks various topics and hashtags on the ranking category depending on people are talking about that topic. You can use these topics and hashtags to push your tweets.

Joining twitter groups- Twitter group is one of the platforms where you can get audience and followers. To gain more followers and reactions to your twitter account, consider joining a twitter group especially those dedicated for gaining followers.

Joining twitter spaces- There are twitter spaces dedicated for gaining followers, these spaces are hosted regularly with twitter influencers. You can consider joining these spaces if you want to gain more followers.

Commenting bellow popular tweets- You can also gain attention online by commenting bellow popular tweets. To rank your comment above other comments, you should try to be among the first people to comment and make your comment more interesting for it to stand out.

Following gaining accounts– There are twitter accounts dedicated for gaining followers on Twitter. These accounts run gaining sessions regularly with some holding even twitter spaces for gaining followers. These accounts can be of great importance to those who want to gain followers from scratch.

How to earn money online on twitter

After gaining 10,000 followers and above on twitter, it is now time to monetize your audience to earn money from it. There are several ways one can use to monetize their twitter account and the choice one goes for totally depends on the suitability and personal preference. The following are some of the ways you can use to monetize your twitter account;

  • Pushing hashtags- Some of the hashtags you see trending on your twitter app everyday are not organic. This means that influencers are actually paid to push the hashtags to either promote the products of a given company or other things. To be considered for hashtag pushing, you must have many followers on Twitter and your tweets must be gaining many reactions (retweets, likes, and comments). After gaining enough followers, you can join a community of hashtag pushers and earn real cash online by pushing hashtags on twitter.
  • Promoting products–  Apart from pushing hashtags, you can also earn online on twitter by promoting products. Companies like betting sites depend on twitter influencers to promote their products. You can earn cool cash by marketing these products on your twitter account.
  • Paid tweets – There are various platforms that pay twitter influencers to tweet in promotion of certain products. These platforms requires one to reach a given number of real followers before accepting your request to join their platform. After your request is accepted, you can earn money online by tweeting in a specific way as directed by the paid tweets platforms.
  • Promoting your own products – You can also make money online on twitter by promoting your own products. Your own products must not necessarily be physical products but can be a blog or a website. You can share the link on your twitter account where you will generate traffic which can easily be monetized.
  • Monetizing your twitter traffic – You can monetize the traffic you generate on twitter using various traffic monetization platforms. These platforms enable you to monetize traffic from any platform and earn from it. Adsterra is the most popular traffic monetization platform. It gives you a link that you plant strategically on your platform and earn money any time one of your followers clicks it. This system can be used to monetize any traffic be it on Facebook, twitter, blog, or any traffic you generate anywhere.
  • Managing other twitter accounts–  You can also be paid to manage twitter accounts belonging to other people or corporates. You can only be given an opportunity to manage manage another person’s twitter account when you have managed yours well. You must have perfect language skills before you are trusted to manage a twitter account belonging to a corporate.
  • Developing and selling twitter accounts – You can also make money online on twitter by developing and selling twitter accounts to those who are interested. You can develop a twitter account using the techniques revealed in this article and sell it after hitting 10,000 followers. You can make good cash as twitter accounts are extremely expensive depending on the number of followers and engagements it has.

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