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How to make money with Opera News Hub

Opera news hub provides a nice platform for upcoming content writers to earn from their articles. Opera News Hub is a Nigerian based news App which is common in most android phones. The content present in this app is a combination of armatures and expert news platform’s article.

How to join Opera News Hub paid program

One can join Opera News Hub using their browser (Chrome, Opera mini or Firefox) or by downloading the official Opera News Hub app from the Google play store.

How to join Opera News Hub through browser

  • Visit Opera News Hub website using your browser or click this link to visit their official website.
  • On their website, select become a creator after which you will be led to a page similar to the screenshot below
  • Choose to register with your google account (email) or Facebook account.
  • Continue to fill in the required details and confirm.
  • You will get a notification email about 24 hours later confirming your application details and notifying you if your application has gone through or not. After receiving this email you can proceed to publish your first content on Opera News Hub.

How to join Opera News Hub through mobile App

  • To join Opera News Hub through mobile app, first download the app from google play store and install it.
  • After downloading the app, click on “Me” icon on the bottom right corner of the home page.
  • After clicking the icon labelled Me, it will take you to a page which looks like the one in the picture bellow.
  • On this new page, click on the red symbol with white pen on it to open a new page with a text, photo, video, vote, and article options like the one in the screenshot below.
  • On that page, choose the article icon and register by filling in your details accurately and how you want your blog to appear.
  • You will get a notification email after around 24 hours confirming your application and the details of your application.
  • Once your Application is accepted, you can go ahead to start posting on this platform and earn from your articles.

How to write on Opera New Hub to earn Money

After successfully registering, you will receive a blue badge on the upper left side of your home page indicating that you are verified creator.

You can now go ahead to publish articles and earn from it. Opera new hub accepts two types of articles and that’s news and feature articles. You can write on wide range of topics ranging from politics, sports, entertainment, religion, and business.

Your articles should not be less than 150 words and should not be duplicated from other blogs and websites.

When writing for Opera, you gain followers who create your fan base like in the social media, these followers receive notifications anytime you post a new article and your content is suggested to them anytime they visit their app. In short the more number of followers you have, the more reach you have.

How does Opera News Hub pay?

Opera News Hub pay their writers depending on the number of readers and the number of engagements (likes, comments, and shares) they manage to get within a month.

A reader must stay on your article for at least three seconds for it to be counted as a complete view and the longer a reader takes on your article, the more you earn from that article.

Engagements like comments, likes and shares also increases the amount of money you earn from an article. It is also important to note that traffic (clicks) from outside Opera News Hub pays five times more than that from Opera news hub. You are therefore advised to share your articles on various social media platforms to earn more.

How much does opera news hub pay for 1000 clicks?

Opera News Hub pay their writers every month as long as the writer reaches the 1000 Kenyan shillings threshold placed on the app.

The payment of the previous month is always disbursed from 15th the following month. For example; if you make a total of Ksh. 4000 in January, then the payment will be disbursed into your Bank/M-PESA account between 15th and 28th February.

Opera News Hub used to pay around Ksh. 21 for every 1,000 clicks when I first joined the platform, this however reduced to around Ksh. 10 for every 1,000 clicks due to a technical problem which has since not been resolved. This amount can however increase depending on how long people spend reading your articles and the total number of engagements your article manage to get.

You should therefore try as hard as possible for your articles to stand out and gather more clicks because this will guarantee you more clicks.

How to get more clicks for your articles on Opera News Hub

To earn more on Opera News Hub, you must gather more clicks as possible to earn high from this platform. Apply the following tips to attract more viewers to your articles;

  • Use attractive pictures as your thumbnails- A thumbnail should summarize your article in a single picture yes, but it should also leave the readers with un-answered questions something that will prompt them to click on the article to answer their questions. In short, your thumbnail should be more of a click bait.
  • Use attractive titles on your articles- You will not be allowed to write a title more than 100 characters but still try as much as possible to fix a controversial statement on your title. You can use a controversial quote as your title instead of writing a plain title like every other writer on the platform, you may even decide to mix languages on your title for it to stand out.
  • Write quality articles- Try to write inclusive articles which doesn’t leave any information out. A 300 word articles is not bad. Always apply for original whenever you write your articles because you will earn twice more for an original article than for an ordinary article.
  • Write about trending topics- To get more clicks, write about topics that top the chats, you can determine this by checking at the headlines to see what is trending that day.
  • Try to be among the first writers to write about something any time it pops up- Always be alert to break news on the app first, this will make you get more impression and this will definitely lead to more clicks.
  • Stick to your nitch- After choosing a topic which has more engagements like politics, sports, health and entertainment, stick to your topic and avoid jumping from one topic to the other. If you realize that a topics has few engagements when you had already started writing on it, change once to another topic that has more engagements and stick with your new topics.
  • Engage your audience- Try to engage your writers by planting questions in your articles which will prompt them to react in the comment section, this will improve the number of engagements you receive in your articles.
  • Advertise your previous articles on your new articles especially if they are related. This will make viewers to stick to your profile for a long time which will make you earn more. You can do this by pasting the links of your previous articles when writing a new article.
  • Always try to rank at least one of your articles on headlines part. If you are asking how to make your article appear on the trending posts, just stay tuned because this is what I am about to tell you.

How to place your article in the tending posts

On the App, the upper part is always dedicated to trending articles which enjoy high number of reach and clicks. These articles get up to 100,000 clicks which is worth around sh. 1,000 if not original and sh.2,000 if original.

To rank your article on the trending topics, follow these simple steps;

  • Be among the first writers to write about a topic- For example; if Raila was to announce his running mate today, try to be among the first writers to reveal who the running mate is.
  • Write about trending topics – For an article to be ranked on the trending topics, it must be based on a topic that is trending that day.
  • Write unique articles – There are topics with good traffic and very few writers, research on these topics and write good articles about them. Like in sports you can follow prominent footballer’s social media platforms and get news from there.

How to prevent your articles from rejection

Opera News Hub editors reject articles on the following grounds;

  • Excess grammatic errors
  • Article not Original
  • Exess use of foreign language
  • Lack of reputable source
  • Inappropriate cover photo
  • Using click-bait heading
  • Excess blank spaces and lines
  • Outdated content
  • Recycled news
  • Article missing some information

Excess grammatic errors. When writing an article, avoid grammatic errors. You can use grammarly keyboard to correct grammartic errors before publishing your article.

Article not Original- You should avoid copy pasting articles from other sites and blogs without giving credit to the original publisher. If you are quoting from another site, paraphrase the content and copy the link to the article you are borrowing the content from.

Exess use of foreign language– All Opera News Hub articles should be written in English, you are however allowed to use other languages occasionally on your article especially when quoting someone’s speech. You should therefore not excess foreign language.

Lack of reputable source- Your articles should have a backup from reputable sources. You can present a screenshot or a link to the original article as evidence of a reputable source.

Inappropriate cover photo- Your cover photo/thumbnail should attract attention but should not be inappropriate. The picture should relate with the article and not display any sense of nudity.

Using click-bait heading- Your heading should not start with words like this, how, why, shocking etc because they are considered click-baits. You should also not use exclamation mark on your headline.

Excess blank spaces and lines- Avoid leaving many blank spaces between your words when writing. Avoid leaving blank lines between your paragraphs.

Outdated content- Your content should be up to date. Avoid writing outdated content because the editors will reject the article.

Recycled news- Once your article I published, do not write it again because it might be rejected.

Article missing some information- Your article should have all the information required for it to be termed as complete. If your article miss some crucial information, then it will be rejected.


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