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How to make money on Scooper News App

Just like Opera News Hub, Scooper is also a news app which gives writers and content creators a chance to earn from by posting their content on the platform.

Scooper pays accepts two types of content and that is short videos and written articles. A creator can earn by simply writing a short article or uploading a short video on the platform.

How to join Scooper News

One can join Scooper news in two ways and that is by downloading the post now app or by using a special link provided by the app for hiring new content creators.

To join scooper through just click on this link and fill in your details to get started. Or you can download post now app from your google play store but after clicking the above link and registering an account.

To join Scooper through mobile app, simply head to your google play store and install the post now mobile app,. This app is made specially for content creators to register, upload content, and monitor the progress of their scooper accounts.

You require the following things before registering to start writing or creating videos on Scooper News App;

  • Full Name– You must fill in your full name accurately when registering your new blog on Scooper News.
  • Country– You will be required to enter your country. This information will help them to process payment easily and to direct your content to the right audience.
  • Phone Number– You must enter an active phone number because a confirmation code will be sent to you via SMS for confirmation.
  • Career/Job– On this section, I’ll advice you to fill in Content creation as your job/career. But still you can decide to g the honest way and state if you are a student or any other job\career you are pursuing.
  • Application Type– Under this, you will choose the type of application you want, you can decide to choose either video production or article writing depending on your interest.
  • Writing/Video experience– Here you are required to describe your article writing/video production skills briefly for Scooper editors to know you better. Try as much as possible to use simple and correct English, you don’t want to ruin your reputation on the first day right?
  • Writing/Video Sample– You must present a sample of your work to be reviewed before being accepted to start writing for Scooper News. Scooper recently raised the bar for writers and they turn down requests from writer with even slight errors in their sample. Therefore, make sure that your sample is almost perfect before you present it for review. Use English tools like Grammarly to check and correct grammatic errors that might have creped into your article without your attention. You can also proof read you article severally before presenting it for review. For articles, the sample should be in word, pdf, or txt while for video your article should be in mp4, mkv, move, avi, or mpeg format.

After submitting all the above information and the sample, you will wait for around 7 to 24 working hours for reply from Scooper News. After the confirmation email, you will receive a call from scooper Scooper through the phone number you provided asking for your bank details to complete the payment part on your registration form.

Note that Scooper will only ask for your account number and nothing more through the official call. Anyone who asks for private bank information like PIN is not from scooper and you should report them immediately.

After receiving the call, you can now proceed to download the post now app and start publishing articles/videos on your newly created Scooper News account.

How much does Scooper News pay its creators?

Scooper pays its creators from date 1 to date 14 every month for the previous month if the creator reaches a Sh. 1,000 threshold within a month. The amount is payed through bank transaction on the account you provided its number when registering.

Joining Scooper, a creator starts from the lowest level of content creation in the app and this is level D. In this level, every article published is worth 0.8 dollars (Around 90 Kenyan shillings). you will be allowed to write a maximum 5 articles per day which is worth around 450 Kenyan shillings.

As you continue writing, the level of your account will continue rising and the value of your articles will also rise depending on your competency and how you follow the publishing guidelines.


Marion Mwangangi is a Journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya. Apart from being a student, she is a professional graphic designer, an SEO expert and a video editor. Email:

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