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How to get paid for writing stories

Learn how you can earn a decent income online by writing stories.

Many people rely on various Internet platforms for reading stories. Because of this, there is a high demand for upcoming writers to satisfy this thirst as elite writers are now moving away from these platforms to Amazon where they believe that the real money is.

You can take this opportunity to earn a few coins and create a loyal fanbase before you graduate to become an elite writer.

However, before you set out on this journey, make sure that you sharpen your storytelling skills as this is the only way you can remain relevant in this competitive field. Check on the following skills if you are a newbie;

Grammar skills

Make sure you sharpen your grammar skills as this will help you a big deal when writing your stories.

You can use some online tools like Grammarly to check and correct your grammar when writing.

Observation skills

The world of stories is quickly evolving and as a writer, you must be on your toes to avoid being left behind.

You must therefore be keen to observe these trends and reflect them on your work.

You can make these observations when reading other writers’ stories and when going through various platforms checking the best-selling Stories there.


Your creativity must be out of this world when you want to make a penny from writing stories.

There are many established and upcoming writers who are struggling to grab the attention of the few readers in the market, you should therefore be very creative for your work to stand out.

How to earn money online from writing stories

There are very many ways you can follow to monetize your storytelling skills. In this article, I have tried to sample some of the best ways to earn online. These ways are good for both newbies and established story writers. Remember these are not all the possible ways as many ways have not been included in this article. Follow these steps to earn online;

  • Wattpad
  • Amazon

Wattpad is a platform that gives writers and readers a chance to write and read stories.

Wattpad app is arguably the most popular story app available on various downloading platforms like google play store, apple app store, and other app downloading platforms. Apart from the app, the Wattpad website is also available for those who cant access the app.

Wattpad does not give writers any conditions to publish their stories. The process of publishing on Wattpad is simple and FREE, all you have to do is create a Wattpad account and you are good to go.

How to earn on Wattpad

There are only two official ways one can earn on Wattpad as of now. But you can earn using some unofficial ways depending on the relationship between you and your readers. The following are the only official ways one can earn on Wattpad; 

  • Paid stories
  • Wattys
Earning on Wattpad through Paid stories

This is the main way one can earn money on Wattpad. The platform chooses stories from various authors and charges readers before giving them full access. Readers can be given access to some chapters of the story before they are requested to buy the whole story using Wattpad coins.

Wattpad will then share the earnings generated from the story with the author depending on how many readers purchase the story. This way, you will be able to generate income from your artistic work.

How to get your story selected among the paid stories in Wattpad.

Very few stories are chosen every month to be featured on paid stories. There are several qualification a story must meet to be selected as a paid story. You should therefore try as much as possible to meet these qualifications when writing your stories to stand a chance to feature among the paid stories;

  • Write complete stories- For your stories to be selected by the editors among the paid stories, it must be a complete story. Your previous stories must have also been complete. The performance of your previous stories will highly determine if your future stories might be selected to feature on the paid stories.
  • Make your stories engaging- Your stories must be engaging to have a chance to feature on paid stories. Your previous stories must also have been engaging. Make sure your stories have many reactions, hearts, and comments.
  • Be consistent- Your first or second story might fail to be selected among the paid stories but believe, if you are consistent then you will one day feature on the paid stories.
  • Do not publish the stories on other platforms- When you want your stories to feature as paid stories, avoid sharing them on other story platforms. The story should be available only on Wattpad.
Earning on Wattpad through Wattys

Appart from paid stories, you can also earn through wattys: An annual Wattpad authors event where the best performing authors in various cartegories are awarded by the platform.

Apart from the annual event, there are competitions held occasionally by the platform and authors walk away with cash prizes among other valuable gifts.

How does wattpad pay?

Wattpad pays its authors depending on the number of purchases they manage. The earnings are deposited into their Wattpad account and they can withdraw it to their bank accounts after hitting the stipulated threshold.


As a writer, Amazon also gives you an elaborate chance to earn a living by selling your book on their platform.

Whether it is an e-book talking about something, or it is a story book/novel, you can sell it on Amazon and earn money from the sales.

All you have to do is publish the book with one of the recognized publishers and go ahead to sell your book on Amazon after creating an account with them.

You should also try to make an audio book version of your publication to draw more buyers to your publication. You can use your social media accounts to advertise your publication to your potential buyers.



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