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How to get direct clients through Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancing services based in Israel. Fiverr is a business platform that offers its members a chance to post various jobs they want done and those with the required skills bid for a chance to carry out the tasks and get paid.

Fiverr is one of the best platforms for article writers and freelancers to get direct clients, but due to high competition on this platform, most freelancers find it hard to make a breakthrough in this platform.

Use these simple steps to get direct clients on Fiverr;

1. Create a great profile that inspires confidence and enthusiasm in buyers. Your profile on Fiverr is the first thing a client will look at even before coming to your inbox/email to ask about your services.

Your profile should therefore be impressive. Make your bio as long as possible stating your skills, level of education, experience, and additional advantage clearly. Remember to check and re-read your bio before posting it to avoid simple errors like grammar and typo.

Update your bio regularly to match the task you are about to bid. This will impress the potential clients at first sight. For example, don’t just state that you are an article writer, state that you are an article writer specialized on blogposts (if you are about to bid for a blogposts task) with two years experience, currently am running a successful blog known as *** and this is the link you can use to access my blog. You can go ahead to give more information to support the fact that you can handle the task you are about to bid (on your bio).

2. Show your true face. Potential clients want to see the face of the person with whom they intend to work with. It is easy to convince a potential client when using your real face as the display picture than when you are using other materials like books and images that doesn’t match your description. Just use your phone to take a clear pasport photo yourself on a uniform background and make it your profile picture. Blue, red, and white are the recommended colours for background but you can go for another colourto be unique.

3. Academic writing gigs on Fiverr are being canceled. They have sophisticated algorithms for detecting academic terms. As a result, avoid terms such as “assignment help,” “academic writing services,” “essay writing services,” and “homework help.” Try searching for terms like “research assistant, essay writing consultant, tutoring services, and so on.”

4. Use the right keywords when describing your gig. These keywords directly influence how your gig is ranked on the platform. When inserting these keywords on your gig, remember to avoid the keywords stated in number three above because they will get your gig cancelled.

5. Create many gigs. You should not leave it at one gig and relax expecting to get any income. Create at least three optimized gigs before you can think of relaxing.

6. Select maximum tags related to your gigs. This will also influence your gig’s ranking directly. The more tags you place on it, the better. Try to go with at least 50 tags for your gig to be ranked appropriately.

7. Create a catchy gig image. This will help attract clients to your gig. You can use canvas to create a catchy gig image. You should also include texts, images and work samples on your gig image to make it catchy.

8. Optimize your gig images. Before uploading your gig image, make sure that its name is related with the gig. You can do this by optimizing your image to fit the gig description and keywords.

9. Respond to buyers’ messages quickly. This will help you get in touch with your prospective clients in time before they seak alternative. You can do this by installating Fiverr app on your phone to reply the messages very fast.

10. Get at least 5-star reviews for your gigs. High reviews build trust especially among those who haven’t worked with you before. For try as much to get positive reviews from high end countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

11. Promote your gigs on Fiverr forum. If you have a blog, you can also promote it there to reach many people.

12. Share your gigs on Twitter. Use academic related hashtags to promote your profile and gigs. Try hashtags like #assignmenthelp #academicwriting #homeworkhelp, #essayhelp etc and post tweet by pasting the gig URL in it.

12. Promote your gigs on LinkedIn and Fivver related Facebook groups. You can use keywords like Fiverr Gig promotion, Fiverr community to search for those groups

There are several other tips you need to implement. If done correctly, high season you will be smiling all the way to the bank.


Marion Mwangangi is a Journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya. Apart from being a student, she is a professional graphic designer, an SEO expert and a video editor. Email:

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