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How to get direct academic writing clients on Social Media

How to get direct academic writing clients on Social Media

Purchasing an academic writing account can be very difficult. This is because the price of the accounts keeps on rising due to the rise in their demand. Some accounts are drastically losing clients making them valueless, especially during low academic writing seasons.

To earn constantly throughout the year, you need to customize your social media platforms in a way that can appeal to your possible clients.

Before we look at each of the social media platforms and how you can get direct clients on them, let’s first look at the general tips to follow, when looking for clients on any social media platform;

Be active– To get clients on any social media platform, you have to be active there. You must post regularly and the posts should be related to academic writing. You should also be active on your social media platform, especially during odd hours.

Treat social media as a bidding account– To succeed on social media, you should treat your social media like a bidding account.

Have ready samples– Most clients looking for writers on social media will ask for written samples. Prepare your samples and make them readily available just in case.

Edit your profile – To get direct clients on social media, you should first edit your profile to make it more convincing. You can do this by changing your name to the real one, updating your profile picture to your real image, and updating your bio to relate with academic writing.

Guard your reputation– Your reputation is very important when you are looking for clients on social media. Try as much as possible to make your platform very clean, use good English when typing your posts and even when commenting on other people’s posts. Avoid posting and commenting every time especially when the posts are not related to academic writing.

After looking at these tips in general, we can now go ahead to narrow down the unique tips on every social media platform. Some of these tips cut across many social media platform so don’t feel bothered when you notice repetition;

How to get direct academic writing clients on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most reliable social media platforms for any academic writer. Facebook is rich in information about academic writing and thousands of clients visit Facebook daily looking for competent writers.

To get clients on Facebook, all you need to do is join the multiple academic writing groups available there. In these groups, clients come every time looking for writers and writers also come looking for clients.

You should therefore standout among the rest of potential writers and make yourself conspicuous. You can do this by updating your profile. You can also post frequently on these groups content which is related to academic writing. When you post and comment frequently on these platforms, your presence comes out very clearly trust is also built between you and your possible employees.

Try to be the first one to bid when a client posts job on Facebook group, this will make your bid appear on top increasing your chances of walking away with the job. Make your bid long and fleshy because most writers will make theirs short. Always make your bid formal, avoid social media languages like Hi, Hey, tryna, etc. Use official language and communicate like you are communicating with your next employer. To make your bid the first, always have a typed bid ready on your keyboard’s clipboard when navigating Facebook, you can pull it out as fast as possible, edit it and post a copy on the comment section and another copy on the clients inbox, accompany the inbox copy with copies of your samples. Try to retain your clients by doing a good job.

How to get direct academic writing clients on WhatsApp and Telegram

WhatsApp is another social media platform rich in academic writing clients. WhatsApp and Telegram are private chat rooms but there are academic writing groups that one can join when they get access to the invite link. You can get these invite links in Facebook and other social media platforms.

Once you join an academic writing group in either WhatsApp or Telegram, don’t leave the group even if it’s not active. Constantly check the group especially on the odd hours because this is when clients come looking for writers. When a client comes looking for writers, inbox them immediately with bid and accompany the bid with your samples even if they didn’t ask for it. This will give you an upper hand over the other bidders.

Like other social media platforms, it is advised that you use your real photo as the profile picture and have an appealing bio. Try to join many of these platforms because one or two groups might not be enough to guarantee you a constant flow of clients.

How to get direct academic writing clients on Twitter

Most people are usually not aware of the fact that one can get academic writing clients on Twitter. Twitter is also another platform where you can easily get direct academic writing clients, this is because many writers ignore it and run to other social media platforms to look for clients. There are hashtags you can use on twitter to get direct clients.

In Kenya, there are popular hashtags like #freelancer, #academicwriting, #onlinewriters etc. Clients use these hashtags and several other hashtags to look for academic writers on Twitter. You can use the Twitter search section to search for one of these hashtags and look for latest tweets under these hashtags to get client.

By now you have learnt how to bid for work on social media, use the same tactics as the one stated above on other social media platforms.

How to get direct academic writing clients on LinkedIn and Pinterest

Pinterest is not a popular social media platform in Kenya, this makes it an ideal platform to look for clients because there is no competition in it. You can just use the search section to look for academic writing related topics on Pinterest, there you can easily find a client.

On LinkedIn, your profile will be the one to sell you. You should therefore edit your LinkedIn account and use your real name and image. Join academic writing platforms in LinkedIn and there, you will get clients.

How to get direct academic writing clients on Quora

Quora is more of a question and answers platform than a social media platform. But then, you can still stumble upon a client on this platform. All you to do is answer questions related to academic writing and check other questions and answers related to academic writing. Under these platforms, you will clients. You can give them your email address and discuss the business privately through email.

To participate on this platform, you should create a profile there. Customize your profile and make it known that you are an article writer the moment they visit your profile. Competition in this platform is very low, you should therefore take your time to write a convincing bid.

How to get direct academic writing clients on Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform that is growing very fast. Here you can interact with your next clients. All you need to do is to create account. After creating an account, you should go ahead to join other sub-reddits which are related to academic writing. In these sub-reddits, you will get clients who are looking for writers and you can bid. The competition here is also very low making it ideal for newbies and amateur writers.


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