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How to earn on Fablio Academic Writing account

Fablio is an academic writing platform that gives writers a chance to earn money online by completing academic articles for various clients present on the platform.

Fablio is one of the best academic writing platforms as it has a high pay per page and the work flow on the platform is constant. The work is sufficient even during low/off-peak seasons.

To maintain high standard work and maintain their workflow, Fablio only higher-ups expert academic writers and monitors their work regularly to detect unqualified academic writers. One step mistake on this platform and your account is closed without a warning. But with the tips below, you can acquire and maintain a Fablio account successfully earning a lot of money as an academic writer.

How to acquire a Fablio academic writing account

One can acquire a Fablio academic writing account in two ways

• Creating a new account

• Buying a used account

Creating a new account

Creating a new account is the right way to own a Fablio account, this path is however very tough to follow and this explains why very few people follow it. Very many people opt to buying Fablio account illegally to avoid going the long path.

Creating a new Fablio academic writing account is however possible and not impossible as others have made you believe. After all the accounts being sold were also created by some writers just like you. The only difference between you and them is the fact that they kept on trying till it finally went their way.

Before trying to create a Fablio academic writing account, first make sure that you have your article writing skills at your fingertips. Apart from that, make sure that you have adequate knowledge on the topic you have chosen. As much as you are going to research online and in the library, you also need to have adequate knowledge on that subject.

Buying a used account

This is the most common way of acquiring a Fablio academic writing account. Because this writing account is mostly operated in United States, getting a local seller might be difficult unless they want to give up their own account.

When buying an account, you have to be very careful because there are many con artists who are out there trying to con innocent academic writers who are willing to invest in Fablio academic writing account.

Fablio academic writing account is very expensive when you are acquiring it from someone, you should therefore be suspicious with anyone who is trying to sell the account at a throw away price. You should use safe platforms like Escrow to make the payment.

After acquiring a Fablio academic writing account, what next?

After acquiring an account, the next is very simple; use your account to make money. But before you start, please check on the following;

  1. Make sure that you have a U.S.A verified PayPal account- As I mentioned before, Fablio academic writing account is mostly operated in the United States. You should therefore have a U.S.A verified PayPal account to connect with your account to avoid termination. You can also buy these PayPal accounts from those who own them. You can then transfer your earnings to your normal PayPal account after which you will be able to withdraw it freely. Do not include any Kenyan information in your Fablio academic writing account as this can make your account terminated. Also insist on using Escrow to carry out any transaction when buying or selling account online to avoid falling in the traps of con artists
  2. You need enough experience to run this account- I won’t recommend this account to beginners or newbies because it’s very complicated running it. You should therefore gather enough experience from other academic writing platforms before investing your hard-earned money on purchasing a Fablio academic writing account. Fablio has admins who regularly review articles submitted by writers and if any of them is substandard, their accounts is terminated instantly without any notice or warning. The account can also be terminated if a client files a genuine complain regarding the quality of your work.
  3. Cite and reference your articles properly when using Fablio academic writing account- When using a Fablio academic writing account, you should be very keen when referencing your articles. Make sure that the references are complete and formatted well otherwise your account will be closed for plagiarism. To avoid falling on the wrong side of law, make sure you include both in-text citation and a complete citation on the references page when quoting anything. For example it is wrong to say that “20 Million Kenyans are employed,” this statement will be regarded as plagiarism in the Fablio academic writing account. Instead state that 20 Million Kenyans are employed according to a research conducted by United Nations and Kenya National Statistics in 2020.”
  4. Manage your account alone- Avoid hiring other writers to manage your account for you. This is because your styles of writing is very different. All writers have their different ways of tackling an academic paper, the Fablio academic writing account admins will be very quick to learn writing style and the moment it changes, they you will be at a great risk of losing your account. Apart from that, the writer you have hired to manage your account might not know some of these rules and they can end up breaking some of them unintentionally leaving you at the risk of losing your account. Some of those you have employed might have not worked on Fablio before and they can end up messing your account. If you are too busy to manage your account alone, make sure that you thoroughly edit the articles from your employees before submitting them.
The amount one can make on Fablio academic writing

account entirely with how they handle the account and their level of determination. As a beginner, you can earn from KSH. 10,000-50,000 on your first month. This amount can however go up to KSH. 60,000 if you are very determined. The highest amount I have heard of someone making in their first month of operating Fablio academic writing account is KSH. 80,000. So what are waiting for? Get up and start hustling like the rest who are making fortunes on internet.



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