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How to make money online on Geopoll

Geopoll is a survey platform that provides users with an opportunity to earn by completing simple tasks online. Users earn on Geopoll by answering simple questions, completing simple tasks, and referring others to join Geopoll.

How one can earn on Geopoll
  • Completing simple tasks
  • Answering survey questions
  • Referring others to the platform
  • Taking billboard photos
Completing simple tasks

This is the main way one can earn on Geopoll, there are several tasks posted on the platform on regular basis and one can earn by picking and completing these tasks. These tasks depend on someone’s geographical location, availability, and their ranking on the platform.

There are some participants with high ranking while there are others with low ranking, these ranking affect the number and nature of contents made available for a participant on a daily basis.

Answering survey questions

This is the simplest way to earn on Geopoll. All you have to do is to connect your device to the internet and answer the questions available for you in your platform and earn from after completing the process.

These questions are usually touching on various brands and they range from 5-20. One must answer all the questions accurately in order to earn.

Referring others to join the platform

You can also earn by referring your friends and those around you to join the platform. You can do this by sending them a special link you will be able to access from your app once you register. When one of your friends join through your referral link, you will earn commission.

Taking billboard photos

This is the best way one can earn on Geopoll platform. To be able to access this, you must complete several surveys and polls on this platform to boost your ranking on the platform.

Apart from completing several polls, one must also be trained by Geopoll on how they should take the photos. After the training, the billboard part on the your app will be activated and you will start making money by taking pictures of billboards around your area.

How much one can earn on Geopoll

Geopoll pays according to the number of tasks you manage to complete. The tasks are presented on your dashboard daily, you should grab the tasks and complete them to increase your earnings on Geopoll.

The tasks are presented according to the geographic location, level of expertise, the number of tasks you have completed on the platform before, and your ranking on the platform. Do the following things to increase the number of tasks presented to you daily in the Geopoll platform;

  1. Complete many tasks- In your early days of membership at Geopoll, only few tasks will be presented to you because your scores are still very low. When you complete more tasks, you rise up the ranks and start receiving more tasks.
  2. Complete your tasks accurately- Avoid making mistakes when conducting your tasks. Mistakes lower your ranking in the platform while well performed tasks increase your ranking on the platform. Therefore try as much as possible to avoid mistakes when carrying out your tasks.
  3. Grab tasks early in the morning- Most tasks are posted on the platform early in the morning. Ensure you wake up early in the morning, grab the tasks, and place them on the wait-list. You can go ahead to work on them during the day.
  4. Take Geopoll trainings- Geopoll conduct regular trainings to teach their members how to go through some of their tasks, participate in these trainings to unlock more complex tasks which have the highest pay.

Geopoll pays through M-PESA, airtime, and data bundles. The pay depends on the tasks completed and the payment is disbursed immediately your work is reviewed and approved.

Outdoor tasks like taking pictures have the highest financial value while answering survey questions have the least financial value.

Reasons why you might not be earning well on Geopoll

The following are some of the reasons why you might not be making good money on Geopoll despite having an account;

  • Your account is still new- You will make money using a new account yes, but not as much as you can make using an experienced account. Experienced Geopoll account holders access more tasks than account holders with new accounts.
  • Your account is not new yes, but it has completed only few tasks- If your account has a good track record on Geopoll, more tasks will be assigned to you and you will earn more. You can only build this track record when you complete more tasks.
  • Your location has few tasks- Tasks are assigned according to geographical location especially the outdoor tasks. Your area might have very few tasks maybe because the population there is low and other factors that are actually beyond your control. In this case all you can do is to concentrate on other tasks other than outdoor tasks.
  • Your previous tasks were done poorly- When you do some previous tasks poorly, your account’s rating drops and this makes the number of tasks available in your account to drop.
How to answer Geopoll surveys

Answering the geopoll surveys might cost you a big deal. You can spend your time filling the surveys only to be disappointing at the end when you are notified that you wont be paid because you have answered the survey poorly. Therefore, follow these instructions when filling survey questions;

  • Answer the questions honestly- When answering the questions, try to be as honest as possible. Do not follow a certain trend when answering the questions because if detected, your survey will be rendered null and you will not be able to earn from it.
  • Accept questions from areas you have high knowledge in- Do not choose to answer questions from fields you have less or no knowledge in. You might answer the questions wrongly prompting the platform to nullify your survey.

These are some of the tricks you can use to increase your earnings on Geopoll or start earning on Geopoll. Remember that patience is the key and you should be very patient especially when you are a newbie. You can also learn about other survey platform to increase you earnings by clicking this link 



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