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How to download Tala loan app in Kenya 2022



Tala loan app is one of the most reliable lending apps in Kenya, in this article, I will take you step-by-step how to find, download, install, borrow and repay loan in Tala. I will also answer some of the most asked questions about Tala loan app. Let us start by understanding the company behind Tala loan app.

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Apart from Kenya, Tala operates in three other countries namely Mexico, Philippines and India. In Kenya, it enables its customers to access mobile loans instantly.

How much loan does Tala give to its customers?

Tala loan app offer loans ranging from KSH. 500 to KSH. 30,000 depending on their loan history with Tala and other qualifications we will look at later in this article.

How to download Tala loan app

Tala loan loan can only be accessed through their mobile app, the app is available in Google play Store for Android users and Apple app store for Iphone users. You can download it for free by clicking on this link. Note that you cannot access Tala loans on any other platform apart from the mobile app.

How to register on Tala loan app

To register on Tala loan app, you need an original Identification Card (ID), an active safaricom line and a smartphone.

After downloading the app, you will be required to link your phone number with the app and grant the app access to your phone book and messages.

You will then go ahead to fill a form on the app and you are good to go. The whole process can take up to 3 minutes depending on your speed.

After successfully registering on Tala, it is now time to borrow your first loan. But first, checkout these factors that determine your loan limit (credit score).

Factors that determine your loan limit in Tala loan app

The following are some of the factors that determine your loan limit (The amount of money you can borrow at a given time) in Tala loan App

• Your credit record with Tala- When you have a clean credit record with Tala, your loan limit keeps growing in the App. You can maintain a clean record by repaying your loans fully and in time.

• Your credit record with other lenders- Apart from having a clean record with Tala, you should also have a clean record with other lenders. Lenders who are blacklisted in CRB will have lower limits as compared to those who aren’t.

• The number of times you have borrowed from Tala- The more you borrow from Tala, the more your loan limit grows. To keep an upward trend on your loan limit, borrow more and pay in time.

Tala interest rates

Tala interest rate

Tala loan app has a very a good interest rate as compared to other mobile lending platforms in the country. Tala currently charge 15% interest on loans issued by the company. Apart from this there is a 20% tax imposed by the government meaning that if you borrow 1,000 shillings, you will be required to pay an interest of 150 plus tax of 30 shillings. You will be therefore required to pay a total of 1,180 shillings.

Tala loan app payment period

Tala has a flexible payment period of up to 60 days. You can spread the payment of your loan on a timeframe that fits your needs and your income, it can however not go past 60 days.

Tala loan limit

Tala has the highest loan limit set at KSH. 30,000. You can not borrow any amount above this on Tala. The lowest amount you can borrow on Tala is KSH. 500. You can borrow any amount between 500-30,000 depending on your credit score which improves with time.

How to repay Tala loan.

You can repay your loan through two ways; the first one is through an M-Pesa paybill number and you can also pay your loan through the Tala mobile app.

To repay your Tala loan via paybill, open your phone toolkit and open the Mpesa menu. Go to buy goods and services and press on paybill, enter paybill number 851900 and enter your phone number as the account number (The phone number should be the one you used to borrow the loan ). You can repay for another number as long as you enter that mobile number as the account number. After that enter the amount and your M-Pesa pin then click send. You will receive two messages after completing the transaction; one from M-Pesa to confirm that you have transacted successfully and the other from Tala to confirm that they have received your payment. If you log into your mobile app after some minutes, you will realize that the figures have changed to reflect your payment.

You can also repay your Tala loan using your mobile app, first log into your mobile app and select the “Make a payment” option in the mobile app, enter the amount you wish to pay and and click on make a payment, you will receive a push notification from M-Pesa and all you will be required to do is to enter your M-Pesa pin. You should use this option if you are intending to pay with the same safaricom line you used when registering for Tala.

Benefits of Using Tala

There are several benefits Tala has over other lending apps in Kenya. The following are some of the advantages of using Tala;

• It has low interest rate as compared to other lending platforms

• It has flexible payment options

• Few documents are required when borrowing on Tala

• No security is required when borrowing from Tala

• It licensed by the government and regulated by CBK

• They do not debt-shame their clients by calling everyone on their phone book to inform them about the loan they borrowed.

• They have a 24/7 active customer care service.

• Tala is good for those who are in need of instant loans.

Does Tala offer loans to customers listed in CRB?

Tala offers loan to everyone including those listed in CRB. It is only that a negative listing in CRB can affect your credit score in the app lowering your loan limit.

Can Tala list their customers in CRB if they fail to repay their loan?

Yes. Tala is regulated by CBK and can list someone in CRB if they fail completely to pay their loan. You will be given more time to pay your loan before you are blacklisted in CRB. You will however not be listed in CRB if you are showing interest of repaying your loan by paying it up slowly or calling their customer care service to ask for more time.

How can I contact Tala?

Tala are available on various platforms, on Facebook, just search for Tala and you find their verified page, they reply to Facebook DMs immediately. On Twitter, search for Tala and you will find their twitter account. You can also contact them through their SMS line 21991 and email them through Tala also has a communication channel in their app. This communication channel is available every day and it is free.

My Tala loan limit is 0, how can I improve it?

If your Tala loan limit is 0, do not delete or uninstall the app, keep on checking frequently and you will see it improved. If it is not improved in about one month, then contact Tala using the above communication platforms.

Can I earn on Tala?

Yes you can earn on Tala, all you need to do is to successfully refer a friend using the referral link available in your app once you complete signing up and you will earn when they successfully repay their loan.

My Tala app is not working, what can I do?

Your app might not be working because your phone has a problem or because your network is low, try restarting your mobile phone or clearing the data of your Tala loan app to solve this problem.

Tala has also won several awards including the being listed in Forbes top 40.


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