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How to download Okash loan app in Kenya 2022


Okash loan app is a mobile based lending institution that gives out instant unsecured loans to their customers. In Kenya, Okash loans can be accessed by anyone who is above 18 years, have a smartphone, and national ID number.

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How to borrow loan from Okash

To access Okash loans, you need a smartphone connected to internet, national identity number (ID number) safaricom line with a functional M-Pesa account and you are good to go.

First download and install Okash loan app by visiting google play store and using the search tab to search for “Okash”. Proceed to download and install Okash app to be able to access all Okash services at the comfort of your phone.

After successfully downloading and installing the app, proceed to open the app and enter your details as they appear in your national ID. Okash will request for permission to access some of the information on your mobile phone. With this information and the one you gave when registering, Okash will process your loan limit within few minutes and it will be updated on your mobile app.

Once your loan limit is processed and updated on your mobile app, you can proceed to borrow your first loan which should be within your loan limit. The loan will be processed and disbursed into your M-Pesa account within three minutes.

How to repay Okash loan

You can repay your Okash loan in two way, first through the Okash loan app and secondly through the M-Pesa paybill number.

How to repay Okash loan through Okash loan app

This is the simplest way you can use to pay your loan. To pay your loan through this procedure, login to your Okash loan app and click on my loan, proceed to repay my loan and you will be required to enter the amount you wish to pay and your phone number.

After inserting the above details, a push notification will appear on your phone requesting you to enter your M-Pesa pin, proceed to enter your M-Pesa pin and complete the transaction. The amount will be automatically deducted from your M-Pesa account.

How to repay Okash loan through M-Pesa paybill

How to download Okash loan app in Kenya 2022

To repay your Okash loan through M-Pesa paybill, open your M-Pesa menu on your phone and move to Lipa na M-Pesa, proceed to paybill and enter paybill number 612224. Enter your number as the account number and then enter the amount you wish to pay. Complete the transaction by entering your M-Pesa pin to authorize the transaction. The payment will reflect on your app after some time.

Okash loan interest

Okash loans earn an interest not bellow 25% and not exceeding 36% per loan. For example, if you borrow KSH. 10,000 and pay it in the longest time possible, it will earn an interest of 36% (maximum) which translates to 3600. You will therefore be required to pay a total of KSH. 13,600. The same amount of money however if taken and repaid in the shortest time possible, the amount will earn an interest of 25% translating to KSH. 2,500. You will therefore be required to repay a total of KSH. 12,500.

Fine on late payment

If a customer fails to repay the loan in time and fail to communicate with the lender (Okash) to re negotiate the payment term, the customer will be required to pay late payment fee of 2% of the loan balance daily until they will be able to fully repay their loan. For example, if you owe KSH. 100 and fail to repay in time, you will be required to pay 2% of this amount which translates to KSH. 2 daily until you repay the amount.

Okash loan limit

Okash give out loans ranging from KSH. 500 to KSH. 70,000 depending on one’s credit score.

Factors that determine one’s credit score on Okash loan app

How to download Okash loan app in Kenya 2022

Your credit with other lending institutions

The amount you still owe Okash

How conveniently you repay your loan in Okash

Data generated from your phone with Okash loan app.

Advantages of using Okash

• Okash allows you to grow your loan limit by borrowing and repaying your loans in time

• Okash has high loan limit of up to KSH. 70,000

• Okash loan is instant and it is disbursed into your M-Pesa account immediately it gets approved

Disadvantages of Okash loan app

• It has a high interest rate of up to 36%

• It has a fixed repayment plan

• It has a 2% fine on those who are unable to repay their loan in time

Thanks for reading. Visit official Okash site by clicking on this link


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