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How to download Branch Loan app and Mobile Loan Application 2022


Branch loan app is currently a Micro-finance institution, this means that with Branch loan App you can:

• Get instant loans

• Save money

• Transfer money

• Pay bills

In this article I take through all the above services and how you can acquire them using the Branch App from the comfort of your phone.

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How to Download Branch loan App

Before we look into the above services offered by Branch loan app, let’s first look at how to acquire the app because without the app, you cannot access any of these services. Here is how you can download and install Branch loan app on your smartphone for free;

Branch loan app is under the Branch International company and is available in the following countries; Kenya, Nigeria, India, and Tanzania. In Kenya Branch does not only give short term loans to its customers but also enables its customers to save money, pay bills, and transfer money using the mobile app.

The loan was introduced to the Kenyan market in 2015 and was licensed to operate as a Micro-finance institution April this year (2022). The company has grown to become one of the most popular mobile lending apps in the country with over 10 million downloads on google play store.

Follow this procedure to download and install Branch loan app on your smartphone;

• Visit google play store or apple app store depending on your phone’s operating system.

• Search for Branch loan App and it will appear among the first search results (the first search result in most occasions).

• Click download/install and wait for it to download

• It will automatically install and just like that you have the app on your mobile phone.

You can as well download branch loan app by clicking on this link

How to apply for an instant loan on Branch Loan App

To apply for an instant loan on Branch Loan App, you must first register on the app using an active Facebook account or a functional email address. After that you will set your password and fill in the following details;

• Nationality (You must be from one of the following countries; Kenya, Nigeria, India, or Tanzania)

• Full name (As it appears on your national ID)

• Date of birth as it appears on your ID (You must be 18yrs and above)

• Safaricom number with a functional M-Pesa account

After entering the following details, they will be reviewed for some seconds (the process can take up to 3 minutes) and your loan limit will appear on the app (this is the maximum amount of money you can borrow from Branch Loan App at that particular time).

Immediately the loan limit is revealed (it is usually KSH. 1,000 for first time borrowers) go ahead to borrow the money and it will be deposited right into your M-Pesa account within three minutes.

The whole process should take at most four minutes to complete.

How to improve your loan limit on Branch Loan App

You can improve your loan limit on Branch Loan App in various ways depending on the reason why your loan limit is low. These are however some of the best ways to improve your loan limit depending on the writer’s experience;

• Pay your loan in time

• Borrow loans from Branch Loan App frequently

• Check your credit record (you can check if you are blacklisted in CRB by following the steps layed down in this article)

• Save your money with Branch Micro-finance

• Communicate with their customer care to inform them about your low loan limit

How long does Branch Loan App take to disburse loan

After a successful application of loan following the procedures stipulated above, Branch will take up to four minutes to process and disburse loan into your M-Pesa account.

Important questions people ask about Branch

Does Branch Loan App pay loan into customers’ bank accounts?

No. As at now Branch Loan App disburses money only to customers with M-Pesa accounts to their M-Pesa accounts only and not any other accounts. Not bank account, not Airtel money, not T-Kash, Not PayPal or any other account apart from M-Pesa.

How much interest does Branch Loan App charge on its loans?

Loan interest rates range from 10% to 27% depending on the payment plan. This interest rate comes to a 1% and 21% monthly interest rate. The longer the payment plan the higher the interest.

How to pay loan borrowed from Branch Loan App

One can repay loan they borrowed from Branch Loan App in two ways, first through M-Pesa paybill and secondly through the Branch Loan App.

How to pay Branch Loan through M-Pesa paybill

First go to your M-Pesa menu and then to Lipa na M-Pesa, then to paybill and enter paybill number 998608 then proceed to enter your mobile number (the number you used to register) as the account number. Finally enter your M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction.

How to pay Branch Loan through the Branch Loan App

To pay Branch Loan through the Branch Loan App, first log into your Branch Loan mobile App and then proceed to loan and then to pay my loan option. After this you will be required to enter the amount and a push up notification will appear on your phone requesting you to enter your M-Pesa pin to allow the transaction to go through. The transaction will be complete when you enter your M-Pesa pin and the amount will be automatically deducted from your M-Pesa account.

What is the highest loan Branch can offer?

Branch Loan App offers loans ranging from KSH . 250 to KSH. 70,000. This however depends entirely on your loan limit which is calculated depending on some of the factors I have listed above.

How long can one take to repay Branch Loan?

Customers who have borrowed loans from Branch Loan App have between 4 and 54 weeks to repay the loans. This however depends on the amount one borrows and the payment plan they choose when borrowing the loan.

Benefits Branch Loan App has over other lenders

• Branch Loan has flexible payment plan that one can choose which suits them best

• Branch Loan lends up to KSH. 70,000 which is higher than other apps

• Branch Loan does not call everyone on your phone book to inform them when you default

• You need no security to access loan from Branch Loan App

• You require very few documents to qualify for Branch Loan, all you need is your national ID

• The loan is processed in less than five minutes to complete

How to save and earn interest on Branch Loan App

How to download Branch Loan app and Mobile Loan Application 2022

Apart from accessing instant loans, customers of Branch Loan App can also save their money on Branch app and earn interest on their saving. This is possible since Branch was licensed on April this year 2022 to operate as a Micro-finance institution.

To access this service, you need to download the Branch Mobile App if you don’t have one or update your app if you have an outdated one. Once installed, you can register following the steps stated above and start saving. The savings will attract an annual interest.

What interest rate does Branch saving earn?

Savings on Branch earn 15% interest annually. This among the highest interest rate a Micro-finance institution can offer in Kenya.

If you save KSH. 100 in a year, you will earn KSH. 15 as interest on your savings. You can proceed to use this example to calculate the amount you will earn when you save any amount of money you wish to save with Branch.

How to Transfer money and pay bills through Branch Loan App

You can also transfer money to your friends and family using Branch Loan App now that it is fully accredited to operate as a Micro-finance institution.

Apart from transferring money, you can also pay your bills using this app. So you don’t have to delete branch loan app if you are through with borrowing because it has a lot of other useful features.


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