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How to apply Timiza loan in Kenya 2022


Timiza loan is a product of ABSA Bank Limited. Timiza offers instant mobile loans ranging from KSH. 500 to KSH. 150,000. You can access Timiza on your phone either through their official app or through their USSD code.

In this article, I will take you step by step on how to register for Timiza, how to qualify for a loan on Timiza, how to borrow and how to repay your Timiza Loan. I will also answer some of the questions people have always asked me about Timiza loan.

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How to apply Timiza loan in Kenya 2022

How to download Timiza Loan App

You can download Timiza Loan app either on google play store or apple app store depending on your phone’s operating system.

To download Timiza loan app, first click on your google play store and head to the search section. Search for Timiza loan app and it will appear as one of the search results (the first search result in most occasions)

To verify that it is the original Timiza loan app, check if it is belongs to ABSA Group Limited.

You can click this link which will direct you to the app on google play store.

After successfully finding the app, download it and proceed to install. after that you can now open your app to begin the process of registration.

How to borrow Timiza loan

You can borrow Timiza loan on either the Timiza Loan app or using the USSD. Follow the bellow steps to borrow Timiza loan.

How to borrow loan on Timiza using Timiza loan app

After downloading and installing Timiza loan app, register using your accurate details and allow the app to access some of your phone’s information.

After registering using your details, the details will be processed and your loan limit will be updated automatically on your app.

Apply for a loan within your loan limit and it will be processed and disbursed into your M-Pesa account within four minutes after your application.

How to borrow instant loan through Timiza Loan USSD code

To borrow loan on Timiza using the USSD code, dial *848#. enter your pin if you already have one or create new if you lack one.

After entering your password, proceed to choose the option of borrow loan and enter the amount you would wish to borrow.

The loan will be processed and disbursed into your M-Pesa account within four minutes after application.

How to repay loan borrowed on Timiza

You can repay your loan in two ways;

  • Through M-Pesa
  • Through Timiza mobile app

How to repay loan borrowed on Timiza through M-Pesa

To repay your loan through M-Pesa, head to your SIM toolkit and choose on the M-Pesa option.

On the M-Pesa option, proceed to choose the Lipa na M-Pesa option and choose the Paybill option.

Enter paybill number 300067 and enter your phone number (the number you used to register your Timiza account) as the business number and proceed to enter your M-Pesa pin to authorize the transaction.

Your loan balance will be automatically updated on the app when the transaction is complete.

How to repay loan borrowed on Timiza through Timiza app

To repay your loan through the app, first log in to your app and select the my loan option.

Select the pay loan option and enter the number you wish to pay the loan from.

A pop up message will appear on the number and you will be required to enter you M-Pesa pin to authorize the transaction.

The amount will be automatically taken from your M-Pesa account when you enter the pin and your loan balance will be updated to reflect the trabsaction.

Questions most people ask about Timiza and their answers

The following are some of the frequently asked questions about Timiza and their answers.

Does someone listed on CRB borrow loan on Timiza?

No. Someone listed negatively on CRB cannot qualify for a loan on Timiza. click on this link to check your CRB status and how to clear your name from CRB.

What is the loan limit of Timiza

Timiza has the highest loan limit among the lending apps in Kenya. Timiza loans out amounts ranging from KSH. 50,000 to KSH. 150,000

what is the interest rate Timiza charges on its loans?

Timiza charges a constant rate of 1.083% 0n its loans. there is also a processing fee of 5%.

What other charges does Timiza charge?

Apart from the 1.083% interest and 5% processing fee, Timiza also charges 5% on late payment and withdrawal fee depending on the amount borrowed.


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