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How to earn on YouTube without adsense 2023


Do you know that you can earn on youtube without google AdSense.

Your YouTube channel is quickly growing and attracting enough traffic to generate income but you are yet to reach the 4,000 hours of watch time to activate google AdSense, or you have reached the threshold but your AdSense application has been turned down because of copyright issues, or you create adult content which makes your page ineligible for Google AdSense activation, or finally you have activated your AdSense account but the flow of money is so little that you cannot even require a new camera to continue with your videography.

Don’t worry because in this blog I’ll take you through the steps you can follow to earn from YouTube without necessarily activating your Adsense account.

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Reasons why your google Adsense application has been turned down

These are some of the reasons why you cannot earn on youtube. Before giving up totally on Google AdSense, you can try fixing some of these common problems and try applying for AdSense again as it can offer you an extra source of income. The following are reasons why google might be turning down your AdSense request;

  • You haven’t reached the required minimums- Google can’t accept your AdSense request if your YouTube channel hasn’t reached the required minimums. Before your AdSense is accepted, you must raise at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch time.
  • Your YouTube channel has copyright issues- Your google AdSense can be turned down because of copyright rules your channel breached. This mostly occurs when you use someone’s content on your platform without their permission, this will cost you when you apply for Google AdSense.
  • Your channel does not comply with Google rules and regulations- There are google rules and regulations that a channel has to comply with in order to be included in Google Adsense. These rules regulate the language used on your channel, the dress code on your platform, and other factors that determine if your channel is fit to run ads or not.

How to solve copyright issues on your YouTube channel

There are several ways one can use to solve copyright problems showing up on their YouTube channel, first of all, you can delete all the affected videos on your channel.

Remember that if you delete a video, the watch time it gathered will not count when you will be trying to monetize your channel.

You can also mute the parts of the video affected by copyright claims. This can is made possible by a YouTube tool called YT studio.

Finally, you can crop out parts affected by the copyright claim. To avoid copyright detection, you can mute the video, or change the video’s resolution or the video speed.

How to earn on YouTube without activating Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the main way to earn on YouTube for those with few subscribers. For creators without 1000 subscribers, they have been conditioned to stay patient until they clock the minimum requirement. Break the long wait today by applying the following simple steps;

  • Apply for Affiliate marketing programs- If you have grown a substantial audience but still can’t earn on youtube, you should consider trying affiliate marketing programs. There are several programs that you need many followers to join but there are others you don’t need a high following to join. One program I will advise you to join is Gamemania affiliate program.
  • Advertise your products on your channel- You can advertise your products on your YouTube channel to earn on youtube. When creating content, you can create a small section on the screen to promote your products or paid adverts.
  • Brand promotions- You can also partner with other brands to promote their products if you are lucky enough to land one. This however requires that you have many subscribers as most brands always want to associate with established. This way you can earn on youtube. 

Marion Mwangangi is a Journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya. Apart from being a student, she is a professional graphic designer, an SEO expert and a video editor. Email:

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