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How to earn on WhatsApp in Kenya 2023


Did you know that you can earn on Whatsapp? Below is an article that will teach you how to earn on Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in Kenya. WhatsApp is however different from other social media platforms as it is meant for private chats and small groups only.

WhatsApp status gives you the opportunity to broadcast your message to everyone who has your number saved in their phones. You can take an advantage of the more WhatsApp status viewers you have to make money on this App.

How many viewers do you manage anytime you update your WhatsApp status? How closely do you connect with your status viewers? Can they click on a link if you post one in your WhatsApp status? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to monetize your WhatsApp status to make money anytime you update your WhatsApp status. Do you know you can earn on Whatsapp? Do you know you can earn on Whatsapp groups? Do you know that you can earn on WhatsApp status?

If you have few WhatsApp status viewers (by few I mean less than 100) then it’s time to pull up your socks and interact more on your WhatsApp to raise the number of status viewers you manage within 24 hours.

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How to earn on WhatsApp through status

There are several ways in which one can monetize their WhatsApp status and today we will only look at two. Use these two ways to monetize your WhatsApp status and start making money today;

Register for the Gamemania affiliate program

To earn on WhatsApp, you can enroll in the Gamemania affiliate program. There are many affiliate programs that allow one to earn online and I know that then why am I narrowing it down to the Gamemania affiliate program? Well, this is because it is a most effective affiliate program that allows its ads to be placed anywhere including WhatsApp status.

How to earn on Whatsapp through Gamemania affiliate marketing program

Gamemania affiliate program allows one to earn online by marketing Gamemania products. Once you register on this platform, you will be given a unique code and a unique link, this link you can place anywhere including your WhatsApp status, WhatsApp group, Facebook account, Facebook groups, and even Telegram channels and you will earn 20% of the amount anyone who uses your link/code to join Gamemania stakes.

Just a rough calculation; if only ten people register using your link and they stake an average of 1000 every week then you’ll be able to make 200 shillings weekly straight to your M-Pesa account doing absolutely nothing. Well, this is on the lowest side, now imagine if you manage 100 successful subscribers, you’ll earn good cash from Gamemania every week.

The main advantage the Gamemania affiliate program has over other affiliate programs is that it pays weekly and not monthly like other affiliate programs, it is also open to anyone no matter how many followers you have and how many viewers you can raise.

Advertise your products on WhatsApp status 

This is the second way to earn on Whatsapp. The second way in which one can monetize their WhatsApp status is by advertising their products on WhatsApp status. This mostly applies to those who sell various goods and services, your next customer can be right on your contact list, why don’t you try out?


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