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How to earn money on Remotask for FREE in Kenya 2022


Did you know that you can earn real cash by completing simple tasks on Remotask? Well now you know.

In this article I will be taking you through every step of how to set up an account on Remotask, how complete various tasks on Remotask, how to earn on Remotask and how to withdraw your earnings at the comfort of your mobile phone.

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How to earn money online completing simple tasks on premise app

How to get started on Remotask

There are two ways in which one can get started on Remotask, the first is by downloading their mobile app available in Google play store for free, or by signing up on their website for free.

How to register on Remotask through their mobile app

To register on Remotask through their mobile app, all you need is a smartphone and a functional email address or Facebook account.

To start the process head to google play store where you will download the mobile app available there for free. By just searching for Remotask on google play store, the app will appear among the search results. Download and install the app to begin the process of registration.

To register, open the app click on sign up. You will be required to choose how you want to sign up. You can choose either through Google account (email) or through Facebook account. You can choose the one you prefer the most and proceed to enter the pin. Just like that you have your Remotask account set up.

How to register on Remotask through their website

To register through their website, you have to visit their website using your browser. You can do this on your phone or your PC device. Once there, click on sign up and you will be required to sign either by your email or your Facebook account. Choose the one you prefer before you go ahead to confirm the pin to complete the process of registration.

How to start earning on Remotask

To start earning on Remotask, you must complete at least two courses. The first course will be issued once you complete the registration process. This is a simple course which will take less than one minute and it is also free of charge. You will also be required to complete another course before you are allowed to do a certain task.

These courses are designed depending on the task at hand. They are meant to teach you how to go about the task and how to complete the task. The courses are not difficult and you can retake them as much as you want before going ahead to complete a given task.

After taking the two courses, you will be now be allowed to take the task and money will be credited into your Remotask account once you are through with the task.

How to earn money on Remotask for FREE in Kenya

How much can one earn on Remotask?

The amount that one can earn on Remotask depends on how many tasks they manage to complete and how much each task pays. The more number of tasks you complete, the more money you will earn on Remotask.

How to qualify for more tasks on Remotask

Follow these steps to qualify for more tasks on Remotask;

• Complete more tasks

• Complete more courses

• Enroll for their online boot camp which is absolutely free

• Complete your tasks perfectly

How does Remotask pay?

Remotask pays every week on Friday. When one completes tasks and reach the 10 dollars threshold, the amount is sent to their account on Friday of that week.

Remotask payment method

Remotask pays through two methods and that is PayPal or AirTM. For Kenyans I recommend the PayPal method because it is fast, reliable and you can even connect it to your M-Pesa account for easy withdrawal. Learn how to open a PayPal account and how to connect your PayPal account to your M-Pesa account here.

Type of tasks available on Remotask

3D projects

2D projects

Moving cars projects etc.

How to earn money on Remotask for FREE in Kenya How to earn money on Remotask for FREE in Kenya

Benefits of Remotask

  • Remotask pays weekly as opposed to other platforms that pay after two weeks or even a month
  • Remotask pays through PayPal
  • Remotask offers simple tasks
  • Signing up on Remotask is completely free
  • Remotask courses are free and easy to understand

Disadvantages of Remotask

  • One must complete the courses to qualify for task
  • The pay is low as compared to other platforms

Visit Remotask official website by clicking here for more information.


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  1. Thanks for helping us to get the right online i recently registered on remotasks i did some task there eventually they paid me end week. i wanted to confirm to other who are looking for a good & legit website&app to work on , its remotask, plz register & start changing your life. thanks alot to our admin of these blog for helping us……
    pls our admin #marion mwangañgi we request you to bring other site which are legit and pple are earning from there. update your blog pls to other sites , we cannot depend on loans pls, otherwise stop giving us updates on loaning apps tumechoka na loan we need to be stable paying our bills without loans. okay

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