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How to download Zenka loan app in Kenya 2022


Zenka loan app is a product of Zenka Finance limited. Zenka loan app was launched in 2018 and since then it has been received overwhelmingly by customers hitting over 100,000 downloads in Google play store and over 58,000 reviews most of which are positive. In Google play store, Zenka loan app is rated 4.0 out of possible 5.0 stars which makes it one of the highest rated mobile loan app in Kenya.

Apart from the high rating on google play store, Zenka loan app is also one of the few loan apps available in apple app store. That aside, Zenka loan app also has a functional USSD code which makes it accessible even to those without a smartphone.

In this article, I will take through every step of downloading, installing, applying for a loan and repaying the loan on Zenka loan app. I will also state how you can apply for a loan through the functional USSD code and everything you need to know about Zenka loan app. I hope this article will help you make a well informed decision when looking for a mobile lender.

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How to download Zenka mobile App

How to download Zenka loan app in Kenya 2022

To download Zenka mobile app, visit google play store or apple app store depending on your phone’s operating system. Proceed to the search section and type Zenka. It will appear as one of the top search results (in most occasions it will appear as the first search result).

After successfully searching for Zenka in either google play store or apple app store, click install and wait for it to download. After the downloading process is complete, wait for it to install and just like that you have Zenka loan app installed on your phone.

How to apply for instant loan on Zenka

You can access Zenka mobile loans in two ways, the first way is through the mobile app, this is suitable for those who have smartphone. Secondly, you can access Zenka mobile loans the a USSD which is very suitable for those who can’t access a smartphone or those whose phones lack space to download and install the Zenka loan app.

How to apply for instant loan on Zenka through Zenka loan app

After successfully downloading and installing Zenka loan app, the next step is to register before you qualify for a loan. To begin the process of registration open the app and enter the following details;

• Name (as it appears on your ID card)

• ID number

• Address

• Mobile number

After entering the above details correctly, your details will be processed and your loan limit will be revealed on your app within two minutes.

After the loan limit is revealed, you can now go ahead to apply for a loan which will be disbursed to your M-Pesa account within three minutes.

How to apply for instant loan on Zenka through USSD code

To access Zenka loans through the USSD code, simply dial *841# on your safaricom line and proceed to enter your details as they appear on your national ID card. After successfully entering your details, your loan limit will be revealed to you and you can proceed to borrow any amount within your limit.

How to repay loan on Zenka

You can repay your Zenka loan in two ways, first through M-Pesa paybill and secondly through the Zenka loan app.

How to repay Zenka loan through Paybill

This is the most efficient way to repay loan borrowed on Zenka as it is straightforward and it reflects immediately on your zenka loan app.

To repay loan through M-Pesa paybill, click on your M-Pesa menu and move straight to Lipa na M-Pesa. Proceed to paybill and enter paybill number 979988 proceed to enter your number (the number you used to register) as the account number and enter your M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction.

How to repay Zenka loan through Zenka loan app

Open up the Zenka App and Select Pay Off Zenka Loan, You will see the Zenka loan you need to repay. Follow up the instructions on your app and enter the M-Pesa number which has the amount you want to pay off your loan with. A push up notification will be sent on your phone requesting you to enter your M-Pesa pin. Enter your M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction and the amount will be automatically deducted from your M-Pesa account.

How to qualify for Zenka loan

To qualify for Zenka loan, you need the following;

• Mobile phone and a functional safaricom line (the line must have M-Pesa)

• National ID number

Zenka loan interest rates

Zenka loan app has a one time processing fee of KSh 45 – Ksh 870 for the application. Zenka loan also charges an annual percentage rate that falls from 70% to 224%. For example, if you take a loan of the Zenka app for 61 days, the APR is 179.51%. The total loan amount borrowed will be KSh 1000, and the processing fee will be KSh 300. The total cost of your loan would be KSh 1300 (Ksh1000+300).

Zenka loan repayment period

Zenka loan app allows one to repay their loan in a period of between 61 days and 180 days depending on the customer’s preference. But the repayment period can be adjusted on the customer’s request if they are genuinely unable to pay off the loan within the stipulated time.

Zenka loan limit

Zenka can lend a customer loan of any amount between KSH. 500 and 30,000. Any amount above KSH. 30,000 cannot be borrowed from Zenka.

How to grow your Zenka loan limit

• Repay your loan in time to avoid having a lower loan limit next time you want to borrow

• Check your CRB status and make sure that it is clean

• Borrow from Zenka frequently to build the trust between you and Zenka

• Communicate with Zenka to extend your payment period when you will be unable to repay your loan in time.

Click on this link to Visit official Zenka website and learn more about Zenka mobile loan.


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