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Mobile loans in Kenya: Creditmoja loan app


Creditmoja loan app is an online lending platform in Kenya that offers instant unsecured loans ranging from KSH. 2,500 and 25,000. Creditmoja loans are instant and one does not require any processing fee or security to qualify.

Creditmoja loan app has over one million downloads on google play store and has a rating of 4.6 stars out of possible five star rating which is a high rating when you compare it to other lending apps.

In this article, I will be taking you through everything you need to know about Creditmoja loans including how to download the app, how to apply for instant loan and how to repay loan.

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Creditmoja loan app interest rate

How to download and install creditmoja loan app

Creditmoja loan app is available on google play store for free download. To download this app, visit google play store on your smartphone and search for the keyword Creditmoja loan app.

The app will appear among the first search results. The app can be easily identified by its logo which consist of letter “C” and a coin.

After successfully searching for the app on your google play store, click download and the app will download and install automatically.

You can as well avoid that long process and download the app by simply clicking on this link which will lead you to google play store and directly to the app’s location.

How to register and borrow your first loan on Creditmoja loan app

To register on Creditmoja loan app, you need the following;

• Must be 18 and above

• Must have national ID

• Must have a smartphone

• Must have physical address

• Must be registered M-Pesa user with an active M-Pesa account

If you meet these qualifications, click on your mobile app and select create new account. Enter your details and your loan limit will be processed automatically and updated on your mobile app. You can proceed to borrow any amount within your limit and it will be processed and disbursed to your M-Pesa account within five minutes.

How to repay your creditmoja loan

To repay your creditmoja loan, you can either use your creditmoja loan app or you can use M-Pesa paybill number.

• Go to your M-Pesa menu and select Lipa na M-Pesa

• Proceed to paybill

• Enter Creditmoja paybill number which is 540310

• Enter your phone number as the account number

• Enter your M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction

To repay using your creditmoja loan app, log into your mobile app and follow this procedure;

• Open Creditmoja mobile app

• Select on the option my loan

• Select the loan that you would like to repay

• Press repay in advance

• On your next step, confirm your details

• Proceed to select your preferred repayment method and press repay now

• A confirmation message from Creditmoja will be sent to your phone to confirm your payment.

Creditmoja interest rate

Loan term: 91-180 days.

Annual interest rates(APR):as low as 10% and as high as 50%.

They also charge an interest rate of 12% and a service fee of 22%.

Is Creditmoja mobile app available in apple app store?

No. Creditmoja mobile app is still not available on apple app store but it is available on google play store for free.

Can one negatively listed in CRB borrow loan from creditmoja?

No. Negative loan rating in CRB will negatively affect your loan limit on Creditmoja which will in turn prevent you from borrowing.

Does Creditmoja have a USSD code?

No. Creditmoja does not have a USSD code currently the only way one can access Creditmoja loans is through their mobile app.


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