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How to create a Paypal account in Kenya 2023


It is very important to create a paypal account as a freelancer in Kenya.

PayPal is an online payment platform and arguably the most popular one. As a freelancer, PayPal is the most convenient way to make and receive payments from all over the world.

PayPal is the most preferred platform because it is easy to use and generally available in many countries all over the world. But if you cannot create a PayPal account, there are other alternatives which I will highlight in this article.

You need to follow a very easy procedure to Create a Paypal account in Kenya, all you have to do is to follow the following simple steps, but before creating one, let’s go through other alternatives briefly just in case the PayPal account takes time or just for general knowledge.

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Paypal alternatives

If you cant create a paypal account, dont wory because the following are the alternative;

  • Pyypl- If you cannot create a paypal account, try Pyypl. This is a virtual debit card, it can be used to send and receive money from anyone across the 72 countries it operates in. It recently hit the Kenyan market and no subscription fee is currently required to open an account. This might however change as they continue to navigate the Kenyan market. To access it, one has to download their app and register before activating their account. It also has other services like online wallet where one can keep their money and other numerous benefits. To download Pyypl, click on this link.
  • Skrill- Skrill is an online wallet which enables one to send and receive money from any part of the world. Skrill is also very popular and operates in most parts of the world. As a freelancer, you need to have a Skrill account so that you can also work for clients who lack a Paypal account.
  • Google pay- This is a platform run by Google company. It is very efficient for receiving payments from other countries, making payments to other countries and purchasing items in international stores like Amazon. This platform offers all the services offered by PayPal and even more. Apart from these platforms, there are other numerous platforms which offer the same services, you should therefore not over rely on a single platform.

How to Create Paypal account in Kenya

Creating a Paypal account in Kenya is very simple, all you have to do is to follow the following simple steps;

  1. Create an account at The first step is to create a Paypal account online. You will only need your email address and a password to create the account.
  2. Connect your PayPal account with your bank account- After creating the account, login to your PayPal account and link it to your bank account. There are other banks that doesn’t accept this service, you should therefore consult with your bank’s customer care service if they accept this process. You will need a debit/debit card link the two accounts. A code will be sent to your nearest bank branch which you will collect and feed on your app/website to complete the process. This can take up to one week.
  3. Connect your PayPal account with your M-pesa. Connecting your PayPal account with your M-pesa account will simplify the work for you. You will easily load money from your M-pesa account to your PayPal account using PayPal’s paybill number and you will also be able to withdraw money to your M-pesa account. All you have to do is to link the accounts using your mobile application. Remember that you cannot link Paypal to M-pesa before linking it to bank.

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