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How to create a commercial blog in Kenya 2023

My blogging journey

Creating a commercial blog in Kenya is not easy. I learnt about blogging for the first time when I was in campus, that was in 2018. I have been in this field since then and I have never regretted taking this path.

The first blog I created was a news website that’s, the main idea I had was to create a news website similar to but the idea went terribly wrong. I ended up losing around 50 dollars in the process, I didn’t give up and went ahead to develop myself as a successful blogger.

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The following are the steps I took to develop from a beginner to a more successful blogger;

  • Source for information- Most new bloggers enter the market with the hurry of making quick cash, I ended up making a lot of mistakes and losing my hard earned cash. Before making up your mind to start, make sure that you have a lot of information about this field and know exactly what to step to take at what time. Social media is one of the best platforms where one can get such information, be very careful when gathering information from various social media platforms because most of them are false.
  • Exercise a lot of patience- Blogging is not a plan to make quick cash. If you are thinking of making quick cash then I would advise you to try another path different from blogging. When venturing into blogging journey, one needs to exercise a lot of patience, leave alone the stories you have been hearing from other bloggers about how they made much money in their first month of blogging. Most of these stories are false and most of the author’s behind these stories are not even bloggers. Be patient and invest more effort, the results will just appear after months of investment.
  • Never give up- Most newbies in the blogging field give up before making the first step. To be successful in this field, one needs to be consistent. Some may give up just as they are approaching the successful part. Once you start this journey, never look behind or get distracted with those who claim to be experts in this field.

Creating a commercial blog in Kenya

Creating a commercial blog is very simple. Most developed bloggers charge newbies to create a blog for them even though the process is very simple and free.

I have written extensively on how to create a commercial blog for free in my previous posts but I will write some basic steps one must follow in this article. To create a successful commercial blog, follow the following steps;

  1. Choose a niche- A niche is basically the topic which your blog will be built around. Niching should move from general to specific. Before starting your blog, you need to narrow down to the specific topic you want to write about like I want to build my blog around Sports specifically around Chelsea football club. Niche helps you to settle on a specific blog name which matches your topic. Using keyword tools like ahref will help you in settling on a less competitive niche.
  2. Research about your niche- After settling on a specific niche, it is now time to conduct an intensive research about your niche. In this research, identify other blogs built around the same topic as yours, identify how these blogs are named and how frequent they post their content. The other thing to identify is the length of their articles and how they structure their article titles. These findings will guide you to structure your blog in a relevant ways.
  3. Create your  commercial blog- After carrying out the research, it is now time to build your commercial blog. Buy a domain from your favorite provider and install a WordPress account. This will cost you some few coins depending on the provider you settle on but it is worth it.
  4. Formulate content for your newly formed commercial blog- After creating the blog, it is now time to create content for the commercial blog. Make sure that your content is attractive, long and what most people are searching for in various search engines.
  5. Create google AdSense account- After feeding enough content to your blog and attracting more visitors, create a Google AdSense account which will enable you to earn from your content. Before applying for this monetization, make sure that your blog abides with Google rules and regulations, and that you have many visitors (around 200) visiting your blog daily. When the AdSense application is verified (normally after 2 weeks), you will be able to activate ads in your blog and earn from them.

Marion Mwangangi is a Journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya. Apart from being a student, she is a professional graphic designer, an SEO expert and a video editor. Email:

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