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Cashsea loan app 2022: Paybill, contacts, download


Cashsea loan app is an app in Kenya which offer instant loans ranging between KSH. 2000 and KSH. 100,000.

Cashsea app offers unsecured loan which is fully processed online and disbursed to the customer’s M-Pesa account within five minutes.

Cashsea is one of the popular lending apps in Kenya with over a million downloads on google play store and a rating of 4.4 stars out of possible five star rating. The app also has a lot of positive reviews from former and current users which makes it an ideal app for those looking for a new lender.

In this article, I will give you every information you need to know about Cashsea loan app, I will take you step by step on the process of downloading, installing, applying for loan and how to repay your loan.

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Cashsea loan app in Kenya 2022

How to download cashsea loan app

To download cashsea loan app, visit your google play store and search for the keyword Cashsea, the app will appear as the first search result. Click download and install the app when you finally find it. This app is only available in Google play store and other android app stores in android version, for iPhone users, this app is yet to launch an iPhone version.

How to apply for instant loan on cashsea loan app

To apply for instant loan on cashsea loan app, first download and install the app by following the steps illustrated in the second part of this article, after that, prepare yourself with the following requirements which you will need in order to create and verify your cashsea account;

• National ID or a valid passport

• Physical address

• Functional Safaricom number and an active M-Pesa account

After arming yourself with the above requirements, proceed to your cashsea loan app to create a new account using the above requirements. Continue to verify your account by taking pictures of your national ID/passport and a selfie of yourself to complete the registration process.

Your loan limit will be updated immediately you finish the registration process and your details are approved by the app. You can go ahead and borrow any amount within your loan limit and it will be processed and disbursed to your M-Pesa account in less than three minutes. The whole process of registration, applying for loan and having your loan approved takes not more than five minutes but this depends on your speed.

How to repay cashsea loan

Cashsea does not have an active M-Pesa paybill currently, you will therefore have to use the app to repay your loan. To do this, log into your app and choose the loan option, proceed to repay my loan and follow the instructions on the app to repay your loan.

Cashsea loan app loan limit

Cashsea loan app offers loans between KSH. 2,000 and KSH. 50,000. You can however access loans of up to KSH. 100,000 if you use the app for a very long time and repay your loans in time to improve your loan limit.

Cashsea loan app interest rate

Cashsea has an APR of 30%. This amount is paid when one repays their loans and it is not deducted before they receive the money as other platforms do.

Cashsea processing fee

Cashsea loan also charges a processing fee of between 5% and 10%. This fee is charged depending on one’s credit score on the platform. Credit score is built when one repays their loans in time and when one borrows frequently. The processing fee is also charged depending on the amount one borrows.

Cashsea loan app paybill number

Cashsea app does not have a paybill number currently. All the payments are done through their apps.

Cashsea loan contacts


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