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Boomplay premium in Kenya 2022


Boomplay is a audio streaming platform based in Africa. It is the most successful among the audio streaming platforms based in Africa with over 10 million subscribers and as many as 2 million new subscriptions per month.

Boomplay is a product of Transsnet company which is a joint venture between NetEase and  Chinese phone maker Transsion. Transion dominates Africa’s highly growing smartphone market and they manufacturer most of the smartphones used in Africa.

Transion uses their dorminance in the smartphones market to popularize boomplay app by pre-installing the app on their newly manufactured phones before they release them to the market. This has seen a steady rise in the number of boomplay users to surpass the 10 million subscribers mark.

The revenue boomplay manages to raise yearly has also increased significantly hitting the 20 million dollars mark in the previous financial year.

Boomplay has two packages only as at now, they have the boomplay free package and the boomplay premium package which is the only paid package available in boomplay.

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Boomplay free Package

This is the most popular boomplay package as most people can’t afford the paid package. Over 80% of boomplay users use the free package to stream millions of tunes available in the platform currently.

Advantages of boomplay free package

It is free of charge. This package is absolutely free and all a subscriber need is a device that has access to the internet and they are free to go. This package is appropriate for those who are not willing to spend but are looking for some quality music.

Subscribers have access to millions of tunes available on the platform. Other platforms have tunes classified for premium subscribers only, this makes all their tunes available for even the free package subscribers.

Unlimited streams. Subscribers have access to unlimited tunes available on the platform. This is however available only online as free subscribers can download limited tunes.

Download music up to 256 MB to listen while offline. Free subscribers can download up to 256 MB to listen when disconnected from internet.

Disadvantages of free package

  • A subscriber can only download music up to 256 MB to listen when offline
  • Compulsory ads pop up without notice when the subscriber is online
  • A subscriber cannot access premium content which is dedicated to the Premium subscribers only.
  • Low quality audio as compared to the one available under Premium subscription.
  • The subscribers cannot enjoy the campaign benefits enjoyed by Premium subscribers.
  • The subscribers cannot enjoy the premium profile which is enjoyed by Premium subscribers.
  • Free subscribers cannot enjoy the extra points when they stream tunes on the platform.

Boomplay premium package

Premium package is the only paid package available on boomplay. This package costs KSH. 150 per month. A subscriber can however opt for daily or weekly packages if they are struggling to raise the monthly payment.

This basically the cheapest premium music streaming service when you compare it to the international streaming platforms like Spotify, apple tunes and Deezer.

This subscription is available on the mobile app which is available on google play store and their website.

Benefits of premium package

Unlimited access to millions of tunes available on the platform. These tunes include local and international tunes. This is the platform with the most number of African tunes with over 5 million African music.

You are able to download unlimited number of tunes

You are granted access to premium content which is exclusively available for premium subscribers

Music under this package is of high quality as compared to the ones available under free package.

Download music worth up to 1GB of cache for listening offline.

Listen to your favorite tunes without the disruption of ads

Have a personalized premium profile which is not the same as as the free package profile.

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Boomplay free package vs Boomplay premium


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