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Mobile loans in Kenya 2022: AsapKash loan app


AsapKash loan app is an online lending platform in Kenya that offer instant unsecured loan ranging from KSH. 500 to KSH. 50,000. Their loans are processed and disbursed to customer’s M-Pesa account within five minutes.

In this article, I will take you through how to apply for an instant loan on the loan app, how to repay the loans and how to contact the loan app if you experience any difficulties.

Before we start, let’s download the app before we begin the registration process.

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AsapKash loan app in Kenya

How to download AsapKash loan app

This loan app is only available on google play store. This app is still not available on other download platforms.

To download this loan app, move into your google play store app and search for AsapKash loan app. It will appear as the first search result. Click download and it will automatically install once the downloading process is complete.

You can click this link which will lead you to the location of AsapKash loan app in Google play store.

How to borrow loan from AsapKash loan app

After successfully downloading the app, it is now time to go for your first loan from AsapKash loan app. To do this, you need to have the following qualifications;

• Functional email address

• National ID card

• Physical address

• Functional Safaricom number with active M-Pesa

When you meet the above qualifications, you can go ahead to create a new account on AsapKash loan app and grant the app opportunity to access some of your apps. After granting the permission, the app will use data from your phone, your M-Pesa record and your CRB status to automatically calculate your loan limit. This process takes less than five minutes.

The new loan limit will be updated on your mobile app immediately the processing is complete. Proceed to borrow any amount within your loan limit and the amount will be processed and disbursed to your M-Pesa account in less than five minutes.

How to repay AsapKash loan

To repay your loan, head to your M-Pesa menu and choose the Lipa na M-Pesa option.

Proceed to paybill and enter paybill number 4047993

AsapKash paybill number is 4047993

Proceed to enter your phone number as the account number and enter your M-Pesa pin to complete the transaction.

Your loan balance will be updated on your app once the process is complete

Asapkash Loan App Contacts.

• Official phone number: +254 207 903 179.

• Official email

• Official website

• Physical location: 7th floor, FCB Mihrab, Lenana Road, Nairobi Kenya.

AsapKash loan repayment period

The loan has a flexible payment period depending on the payment plan one chooses when requesting their loans. The loan repayment period cannot however go past 91 days. 91 days is the longest time one can take to pay loan.

AsapKash loan limit

The loan app offers loans ranging from KSH. 500 to KSH. 50,000. These loans are unsecured and do not need to provide many documents to qualify for a loan.

AsapKash interest rate

The loan app offers loans to be paid with 30% interest. This is however the highest interest you can pay on the platform. When you pay your loan within a short period of time, the interest rate will be very low as compared to when you repay your loan within a long period of time.

Is AsapKash available on apple app store?

No. The app is currently not available on apple app store. With time they may consider developing an apple version of the app. But in the meantime, google play store is where the app is available.


Thanks for reading this article, hope you have gained a lot from it. Feel free to give feedback on the comment section.


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