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Article writing jobs in Kenya


Article writing is a very lucrative online job that has high returns, but this depends on your level of expertise in this field area. As a newbie, you can earn around 100 dollars a month working under the mentorship of a developed article writer. Developed article writers on the other hand earns a lot depending on the number of their employees (if they have any) which determines the number of accounts they run and the types of accounts they run.

If you are looking to join article writing as a part time job or if you are looking to venture into it as a full time job then you are in the right place. In this article, I will take you step by step on everything you need to know before making your first step into this demanding job. If you are into it already, then it’s even better.

What is Article writing?

As an article writer, you will be writing website content which are generalized as articles. There are several types of articles you will write including blog posts, how-to articles, web copy, product review, product descriptions, press releases, white papers, landing pages, sales pages, SEO articles and much more.

You can choose to specialize in one of the above skills or learn all/most of them depending on your interest. I would however advise you to learn most of these skills when starting and specialize in future when you have enough clients from a specific branch of article writing.

How to join article writing in Kenya

Before joining article writing, one needs extensive training to acquire the skills necessary to navigate tasks in this field. This training is very important to everyone, even those who have been writing academic papers and blogs before.

There are two ways in which one can train themselves in article writing;

• Self training

• Tutor aided training

Self training

This is where one uses free tools to train themselves without acquiring the help of anyone. These free tools include YouTube videos, blogposts, and social media posts.

This type of training takes long and it’s not reliable because some of these free tools are prepared by under-experienced individuals who are only after money.

The other disadvantage of this type of training is that it doesn’t give one the mentorship required when joining the industry as a newbie. You are left with half baked skills and you are to compete in a highly competitive industry. You might end up losing hopes before earning even your first coin from article writing.

Tutor aided training

This is the best form of training. This is where you look for a pro in this field and ask them to teach and guide you till you are comfortable with the industry.

You can connect with a trainer through social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn or you can get them through official freelancing sites like, Upwork, and other freelancing platforms.

These trainers charge different rates depending on their experience and various factors best known to them.

These trainers also offer mentorship programs which is very important especially for newbies. As a newbie, you need someone who is experienced to hold your hands as you are starting your article writing journey.

After training What next?

After training, it’s wise to work under somebody to gain experience before you think of buying an account, opening one on your own, managing any account or working for direct clients. It is good to start this way irregardless of the type of training you have gone through.

For those who have gone through a tutor aided training, your tutor can become your first employer. Before starting your training make it clear on your agreement that the tutor will not only guide you but also be the first one to employ you after the training.

There are several article writing accounts you can open or buy after working under an employer for some time. There are three types of accounts, they include;

• Take accounts

• Bidding sites

• Gig sites

Take accounts

TAKE ACCOUNTS include Zerys, Textbroker, Great Content, Pay Per Content, Writers Domain, Writers Access, Verblio, Hirewriter, iWriter etc.

Take accounts are the most efficient accounts for Article writers, they are also the most expensive accounts when you are purchasing one. In these accounts, work is posted regularly by the platform/employers and your work as an account holder is to login into your account, and take a job that has not been taken by another account holder, work on the task, and submit the final work. The final submission will be reviewed and your account be credited if the work was done successfully.

Bidding sites

BIDDING ACCOUNTS include Upwork, Pay, Per Hour, Freelancer, Guru. They are relatively cheap and quick to open.

In these accounts, employers post the jobs they want done and it’s the work of the potential workers to bid for the posted work stating their price, time they will take to complete the work, and their experience in handling such work. They can go to an extent of attaching samples of their previous work to convince the employer that they are the most suitable candidates for that work. The employer will then go through the bidders and choose their most preferred bidder whom they will assign the task.

Bidding sites are very competitive and it takes much experience to successfully bid for work in these platforms.

Gig sites

GIG SITES include Fiverr, Legiit etc. Gig sites are in many ways similar to bidding sites, the only difference is that bidding account allows freelancers to compete for tasks by bidding but in gig sites, the freelancer don’t compete but the employers assign freelancers depending on their preference.

If you want to buy an account, there are several legit Trusted Dealers of accounts you can contact. If you don’t trust them, use Escrow services.

Unfortunately, trusted dealer don’t use all accounts they sell. You must, therefore, do your research and groundwork well before you invest in any account.

How to get article writing clients directly without having an account

FORTUNATELY, you don’t need an account to make money with article writing. You can easily get clients through LinkedIn, Job boards such as ProBlogger, social Media, networking, cold pitching, direct Pitching and more.


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