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Apesa loan app 2022: Download, paybill, contacts


Apesa loan app is a product of Zerox technology company limited. Apesa loan app is one of the most reliable loan apps in Kenya. Apesa loan app offers instant personal unsecured loans to customers. This app is available only in Kenya and can only be used by Kenyan residents.

Apesa loans are approved online instantly and disbursed to a customer’s M-Pesa account.

In this article, I will reveal every detail you need to know about Apesa loan app. I will reveal how you can download the app, how you can qualify for a loan, how you can borrow a loan and how to repay your loan.

At the end of this article, I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions about Apesa loan app.

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How to download Apesa loan app

Apesa loan app is available only on google play store. Anyone can download this app for free on google play store.

To download this app, visit your google play store and search for the keyword Apesa loan app. The app will appear as the first search result when you key in that keyword. Proceed to download and install the app.

You can as well click on this link which will re-direct you to google play store and the location of the app.

How to apply for loan on Apesa loan app

To apply for an instant loan on Apesa loan app, you need the following requirements;

  • National ID or a valid passport
  • Functional Safaricom number with active M-Pesa account
  • Clean CRB record
  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must have access to a smartphone which can access google play store

After meeting the above qualifications, you can go ahead and register a new account on Apesa loan app verify your account.

You will submit a picture of yourself and a picture of your ID to verify your identity while you will be receive a One Time Pin (OTP) to verify your mobile number.

How to pay Apesa loan

To repay your Apesa loan, Follow the procedure below;

  • Visit your M-Pesa menu
  • Go to lipa na M-Pesa
  • Enter paybill number 4047993
  • Enter your phone number as your account number
  • enter you pin number to complete the transaction

Apesa paybill number

A pesa paybill number is 4047993. Through this paybill number one can pay their loan and make any other transaction related to the loan app.

Apesa interest rate

Apesa charges interest rate of 0.006% per day. This interest starts building up immediately the loan is approved.

Apesa loan repayment period

Apesa offers customers a minimum of 91 days to repay the loan. A customer can go ahead to choose the number of days which fit them most depending on their financial capabilities.

Apesa can offer customers up to 365 days to repay their loan if the amount is around KSH. 8,000.

Apesa loan app contacts

Apesa phone number: +254769767096


Physical address: 6th floor,Kose Heights, Hurlingham, Argwins Kodhek Rd,Kilimani, Nairobi

Is Apesa available on Apple appstore

No. Apesa loan app is not available on apple app store. This app is only available on google play store.

Apesa loan limit

Apesa offer loans ranging between KSH. 500 and KSH. 8,000. The lowest amount one can borrow on Apesa app is KSH. 500 and the highest amount one can borrow on Apesa loan app is KSH. 8,000

Disadvantages of Apesa

  • Apesa can only offer a maximum of KSH. 8,000 only. This is low as compared to other lending apps in Kenya
  • Daily interest. Apesa charges daily interest which can turn out to be more if one delays to pay.

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