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Affiliate marketing in Kenya 2023


Affiliate marketing is one of the ways one can follow to earn money online in Kenya. This type of earning applies to anyone with an audience on any online platform.

Affiliate is probably the best way to monetize your audience. Do you have a social media account with many followers? or do you have a bog with many regular visitors? or do you have an app with many users? If yes then you are in the right place to learn about affiliate marketing.

Let’s start by knowing what affiliate marketing really is, Affiliate marketing is generally allowing an organization to advertise its products on your platform. These ads vary according to the organization running them.

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Affiliate marketing in Kenya

In Kenya, there are several companies marketing their products through Affiliate marketing. These companies pay celebrities, bloggers, and other people who command huge audiences online and pay them according to the number of clicks, sales, and views they generate.

Betting companies, online stores, and some manufacturers are the ones who mostly depend on affiliate marketing. The following is a list of common affiliate marketers in Kenya;

  • Amazon affiliate marketing
  • Jumia affiliate marketing
  • Betika affiliate marketing
  • 1X bet affiliate marketing
  • eBay affiliate program
  • Betwinner affiliate program
  • Betway affiliate program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Kenya

Amazon’s affiliate program is arguably the most popular affiliate program in the world. If you have been keen while navigating the internet, you must have noticed Amazon products being advertised on various blogs, apps, and websites. It is probably not for free as Amazon pays the platform owners to advertise on their platform.

Amazon has an affiliate program where they advertise on various platforms. This program is only available for websites/blogs and apps only. Therefore if you have either a blog, website, or an app that has enough traffic, you can apply for Amazon affiliate program.

You will be required to create an account with the Amazon affiliate program after which they will start showing ads on your platform (App, website, or blog). Your traffic will be tracked and you will be paid according to the number of successful buyers your platform generates. Remember that if you fail to produce a buyer in your first 150 days then your affiliate account will be terminated automatically.

eBay affiliate program

eBay operates the same way as Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. The only difference is that eBay operates in a few countries as compared to Amazon. eBay also accepts social media platforms while Amazon accepts blogs, websites, and apps only. If you are a content creator or you command a huge following on social media platforms then you can try your luck on this.

Jumia affiliate program

Jumia is one of the few online stores in Africa that has an active affiliate program. Jumia’s affiliate program is open for bloggers and content creators as they accept social media platforms.

If you are a content creator/ blogger willing to join the program then simply click here to get started.

What you require is simply a social media platform with 10,000 followers or more or an active blog to enroll in the program.

Betting companies offering this program in Kenya

Apart from the three online shopping platforms offering affiliate programs in Kenya, there are also betting companies offering affiliate programs in the country.

These betting sites pay to advertise their jackpots, and offer and persuade new users to join their platforms. They also pay according to the purpose of the adverts they run on your page, if the advert is a billboard, then they will pay a fixed rate. If the advert is meant to persuade new users to register on their betting platforms, you will be paid according to the number of new members who successfully register from your blog/website.

The following are the betting companies offering affiliate marketing programs; Betika, betpawa, Betway, 22bet, and 1X bet.


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