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7 Disadvantages of buying a freelance account

Should someone opt to buying a freelance account if they are unable to create one? This article will guide you on what to check before buying a freelance account. In the recent days, many readers have flocked my inbox looking for the factors to consider before buying a freelance account.

I don’t sell accounts and I cant advice anyone to take that route especially when they are beginners. before we move on, let’s ask ourselves why people buy these accounts in the first place. Why do most freelancers opt to buying an account instead of genuinely creating one?

Why most freelancers opt to buying a freelance accounts

buying a freelance account

  • Creating an account is difficult- One of my friends told me that creating a freelance account is almost impossible and I agreed with her. Creating an account is very difficult as it requires a lot. The process is most of the time free but there is a very small room for an error, any slight mistake and your request is turned down. Because of this, most freelancers opt to buy a ready made freelance account because they are not ready to take ‘difficult’ route.
  • Some writing accounts are not accessible to citizens of certain countries- Some freelance writing accounts are not accessible in some countries. When I created a solvelancer account which is specifically for mathematics assignments, I later came on to realize that the account operates only in India, Mexico, Brazil, and China. To create such accounts, you must manipulate your location details.
  • Some freelancers lack certificates and other credentials necessary to create these accounts- To create some freelance accounts; especially those of academic wring, you are required to present a degree or a diploma from a recognized university/college. Some people don’t have these documents and that’s why they opt to buying an account.
  • Laziness- This is the main reason why people choose to follow such shortcuts. They are too lazy to start a new account.

All of that said, do you even need an account in the first place? Well to answer this question, you can read this previous blog I wrote on how to survive as a freelancer without a writing account.

Find time to also go through a blog I wrote on how to get direct clients on the fastest growing job platform LinkedIn

Disadvantages of buying a freelance account

  1. It is illegal- Most of the writing accounts do not allow their writers to sell accounts. This means that if you buy an account, you will be operating illegally and your account will be terminated as soon as it is discovered. You will definitely lose your money, time, account, and effort.
  2. If you purchase an account that you can’t sustain, it will be terminated- Most of those who opt for buying accounts are newbies who are yet to find a breakthrough in the industry. This is the mistake most freelancers do. buying an account with zero or inadequate knowledge will have your account terminated.
  3. Price- Some of these accounts are extremely expensive. In fact most of the accounts are expensive. Most of these accounts sell at 50-8000 dollars. 8000 dollars is a good amount of money you don’t want to risk.
  4. Some accounts does not allow non natives to register- There are some writing accounts that does not allow citizens from other countries to register or use them. When you buy such accounts, you will be required to mask your original location in order to operate them. This means that you will have to invest in a good VPN software which will cost you a fortune monthly.
  5. Morality and ethics- If you prescribe to any religious or moral group, then you must have been advised not to do illegal things. This is one of the illegal things and you will live with the burden of committing a crime at one point in your life.
  6. You can easily get scammed- There are many scammers posing online as buyers and sellers. In these Whats App groups, Facebook pages, and other social media platforms, there are many scammers who pose with enticing deals but they are just there to trap you. At the end of the day you will lose your money. Some of them are even people who are close to you, I was once conned by a friend of mine.
  7. It is not worth it- Finally purchasing an account is not even worth it in the first place. When you develop in this industry, you will realize that you can get more clients on social media and free accounts like Upwork and Fiverr  

You should therefore take your time to learn how to navigate social media platforms and get direct clients. You can also learn how to use free accounts instead of burdening yourself with accounts whose costs are extremely unaffordable. Here is a blog  and a youtube video demonstrating how you can get clients without an account.


Marion Mwangangi is a Journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya. Apart from being a student, she is a professional graphic designer, an SEO expert and a video editor. Email:

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