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5 Ways to Get Clients Without Using Freelancing Accounts


Are you a freelancer looking for clients online? Are you looking to ‘buy’ an online writing account or a well customized freelancing account? Wait. Read this article before you go ahead and purchase that expensive online writing freelance account. Apart from using free accounts like freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr, you can use the following steps.

Bellow are 5 ways to Get Clients Without Using Freelancing account.


Here, you directly approach someone, present your offer, respond to their queries, and convince them to hire you.

There’s “warm” pitching where you approach someone you know (like, say, Robert approaches me and tells me he can fix my site(s) at a fee). That’s warm because Robert and I already know each other.

There’s also “cold” pitching where you approach a stranger. Some people say the word “cold” should be replaced since this approach when done properly doesn’t really feel cold. Here, you reach out to people you don’t know and offer them your services.

This works great since you get to pick people who can actually afford your services. In short, since you swim with the sharks, you become a shark — unlike other methods where you swim with anything and hope a shark will notice you.


I love this! With blogging, you attract a specific audience. For example, my blog has been able to attract audiences with some top worldwide NGOs and companies that I’ve ended up working with.

It has also attracted all sorts of companies looking for my services.

The best thing about this is that clients come totally sold out to your services. No samples, no pitching, nothing!


This is also amazing. Imagine when you really need cake and someone tells you they buy from “Bingo CakePro”.

If you trust the guy, you’ll just go ahead and order cake from Bingo. If the cake is delicious, you’ll become a diehard fan of Bingo CakePro.

In the same way, deliver excellent work to your existing clients and they’ll refer you to their friends. As long as you deliver excellent results to their referrals, you’ll get yourself other long-term clients.

Getting clients on social media

Social Media

Here is how you can get clients on social media. Here’s what one of my team members did to get us a client sometime back. She went to Facebook search and typed “Writers Needed”. She got lots of posts and inboxed a few guys. One Israeli guy replied positively and he became our client for a long time!

Friends (your network)

Your network is your net worth. Long ago, a lady was going to give birth and needed someone to “hold the client” for her as she takes a few months off.

She hired my team and I to do ALL their content. She ensured she paid us well but still remained with some profit from what the client paid.

Once your friends know what you do, and that you do it well, they’ll keep giving you clients or asking for such assistance when in need. Be posting your success stories so that your friends, brothers, sisters, aunties, etc., call you when they hear of an opportunity.


Over to you. What methods do you use to get clients? Reply on the comment section.


Marion Mwangangi is a Journalism student at Multimedia University of Kenya. Apart from being a student, she is a professional graphic designer, an SEO expert and a video editor. Email:

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